Red, White & Blue: Our Clients Who Did it Best.

Happy summer! Officially. Today marks the beginning to what is sure to be a successful summer for your small business.  Plus, today we get more daylight than any other day in the year, who could complain about that! There’s no complainin when the sun is shinin, drinks are being poured, the grills are hot & we are surrounded by friends, co-workers, clients & family. With 4th of July on the horizon, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of our beverage loving clients who really got into the spirit for the 4th of July.

Back in 2016, Budweiser renamed their beer America. While it only lasted a few months, we can’t think of something more patriotic!

Our friends at Gatorade are quenching your thirst with their red, white & blue inspired sports drink (also known as fruit punch, glacier cherry & cool blue). 


These limited edition patriotic cans of Coca-Cola were released in 2016 as a nod to the nation’s Armed Forces members as well as the USO’s 75th anniversary.

And we can’t feature our beverage loving clients without a quick shout out to our friends and local favorites, Oskar Blues Brewery. Their Dales Pale Ale, permanently dressed in red, white & blue, was America’s first craft-canned mountain pale ale & has been winning over beer fans for over 15 years.


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The Star Shade Changes the Way you Do Events

Our Star Shade designs are one of our top sellers. Like our other world-class canopies, they are perfect for businesses & companies to use at tradeshows, markets or even conventions. But maybe you are looking to have a Star Shade for personal use! You are in the right spot. With their incredibly unique shape & an easy set-up, the Star Shade could change the way you do events. Here are a few ideas.

Jazz up your next outdoor party

Yes, our Star Shade design is unique to this industry & boy does it look cool when it’s set up at a wedding or other outdoor party! Did we mention, set-up is easy? Secure them to the ground with ground stakes or use our Star Shade plates to set them up on a flat surface. Either way, your guests will be wowed. Plus, they make the perfect place for guests to gather to stay out of the elements. We have a variety of sizes & colors to choose from for your next event!

 Create a stage

 Looking for an exciting way to create an outdoor stage? Our Star Stage 500  is ready to help. Acoustics are great & sightlines for an audience are too. This canopy will stand 21 feet high, will give you 550 square feet of covered space & requires a 55-foot diameter for set-up. Speaking of, set-up for this Star design is quick & simple. You will be ready for the show in 20 minutes! The whole thing packs into 3 bags that will easily fit into the trunk of your car. This canopy design is specific to KD Kanopy which we know will bring music to your ears.

Provide Shade

A good amount of shade is provided by this canopy, just as the name suggests. They are ideal to quickly set up in your backyard or at the lake when sunshine & high temperatures are in the forecast. When you bring a StarShade to the park or to the lake, not only is it easy to set up & break down, but you also create a great landmark for the rest of your group. It will be easy for them to spot you. At your next backyard party, it’s the perfect way to mark the place of the party. In the summer, temperatures are sure to rise & people will be looking for the shady spots to hang out. Outdoor gatherings are one of the best parts of summertime, we hope a Star Shade is on your next guest list!

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Testimonial Thursday: NICKEL BROOK BREWING CO.

Testimonial Thursday is back! Time to pour a little happiness on your day by sharing some happy words from one of our clients. We at KD Kanopy are grateful every day for the clients we have and those we will have in the days ahead. Thank you for choosing us to put your brand in front of others. Cheers!

“We just had all the new tents and back drops out over the weekend and they really stand out. Not to mention they have all our updated branding on it. Here is a picture do demonstrate how happy we are!”

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. is located in Burlington, Ontario where craft beer is as popular as it is here in the states. With a handful of breweries in this Canadian province, it’s important to stand out from the crowd & Nickel Brook has done just that with their creativity, making them a leader in their industry.

Their motto, “Beer, Down to a Science” has established a foundation for their beer making. Their brewers take the best ingredients as well as their innovative & technical expertise to create top-notch beers that have won them plenty of awards. Their creative ways of brewing have helped them grow into a community favorite in Ontario.

Are you a fan of sour beers? Then Nickel Brook just gained another fan. Back in 2016, they created a lab that was dedicated to both small-batch & sour beers. Again, this marked them as a leader as it became the largest of it’s kind in Canada.

Looking for more? Nickel Brook delivers with a gigantic barreling program. They have over 400 wine & whiskey barrels that age beer adding to the complexity of their brewery & gaining them huge popularity in Canada.

If you like beer & find yourself in Ontario this summer, this brewery is a must visit. Their long line up of beers is sure to help you quench your thirst. They have a fabulous variety of year-round & seasonal beers.

If you don’t get the chance to enjoy a draught beer straight off the tap, you are sure to enjoy a can of their good stuff. The outside of the can is just as exciting as the stuff on the inside with branding that is vibrant & eye-catching, just like their new KD Kanopy! We are incredibly happy to add these guys to our list of clients & look forward to the rest of the chapters in their already exciting story.


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Turn Your Summer Marketing Up!

Tis the season to be outside, fa la la la la. Summer may not officially be here until later in June but school’s out, Memorial Day is in the past & all of our calendars are filling up with BBQs, camp trips & festivals, right?

Summer is great but that’s not always the case for summer business. In fact, the summer months usually bring a slow down for a lot of companies. We can’t all be in the business of making ice cream cones or working at the baseball field.

Keep on reading for a few tips we have to add some heat to your marketing this summer.

Do As the Temperatures Do

Come June & July, even August in some places, temperatures start to soar. When the temperature gets hot, people want to cool down. Help them out! Summer promotional items like water bottles, drink cozies, & fans can all do the trick. Find a place in town (like the park, beach, pool, skate park, etc) to go hand them out. You can tell people a little bit about what your business does & they won’t soon forget you, especially if you leave them with a branded goodie that will serve them the rest of the day in the sun. Speaking of cooling down…this is the perfect reason to have a pop-up canopy. While you are all set up at your local festival, a canopy, like our Party Shade, is the perfect retreat. Another quick idea to go with the heat may include matching a discount to the temperature. Just make sure your place of business is nice & cool this summer, or else they might stay away.

Be Present At Local Events

Outdoor events, festivals & markets are a staple in the summertime. It’s the perfect time of year to interact with happy customers so get out there & be present! Get as involved as you can. Maybe this means you’re handing out pamphlets or business cards or step it up by putting your pop-up canopy in the midst of future customers. Concerts, farmers markets, sporting events & other summer happenings are great options for you to share your business’ story & put a face to your brand. Of course, all of this will depend on the nature of your event & your budget. We know you can get creative. If you want to explore more benefits of local event marketing check this out.

Enjoy Wacky Holidays

Of course, your marketing will be top notch for summer holidays like the 4th of July & Labor day but you can really celebrate a variety of days this summer. Some are surrounded by tradition while others are just plain ol wacky. Either way, this a great opportunity to have some fun with contests or sales at your place of business this summer. People will be out & about so make sure they remember your business as the one with the extra fun marketing. Check out all the wacky holidays in this monthly breakdown. With days like ‘Hot Air Balloon Day’,  ‘Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day’, and ‘National Chicken Wing Day’, there’s a something for everybody!

Say bye-bye to the notorious summer sales slump by turning up the heat on your marketing. Of course, you can use one of our ideas or be creative with your own. Go an extra mile and track the results so you know how & what to improve next summer.

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It’s inevitable, people will have questions about your product or service. If you have a “frequently asked questions” section on your website, life just got easier for your clients.  When an FAQ section is done right on a website, it serves a very important function & ends up taking a good amount of burden away from your customer support system. Long story short, an FAQ section is a must-have on your business’s website & here are a few reasons why.

YOU ARE THE EXPERT          Shout it from the rooftop! Or in this case, your FAQ section. There couldn’t be a more perfect place for you to show off your expertise. Prove to your readers that your product or your service is legitimate & that you are an established & professional business. Take that person who stumbled upon your website during their lunch break & convert them into a customer.

PUT THE SPOTLIGHT ON IMPORTANT INFORMATION       When someone comes to your website, it was most likely a question that got them there. This will probably lead them to your FAQ page where you need to make sure to highlight those extra important key selling points, how to get going with purchasing your product & how to contact you if need be.

MAKE IT EASIER.               People like when things are easy, especially in today’s hectic world. An FAQ section makes it easier for people to navigate your website. Most likely, your site has multiple pages, tabs, pictures, testimonials, etc. People are often crunched for time. When there’s a section for them to click on with the answers to their questions, you may have just gotten a new client. 

IMPROVE YOUR SEO            Who doesn’t want to increase their rankings within search engine results? When you build your FAQ section it will be full of good content with keywords and information. This is all going to lead to the ranking your website will get.

An FAQ section is a win-win for both your business & your customers. It may take you a few extra minutes to create but it’s worth every second. Here’s a peek at a couple questions from the FAQ section on our website. Check out the rest here!

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How can it be? We are in the last half of May already & everyone’s schedules are filling up with things to do for Memorial Day. It’s the unofficial but somewhat official start to summer & who doesn’t love summer? Of course, the roots of Memorial Day run deeper than just BBQs, Memorial Day Sales & a [potentially] day off of work. We honor this day to remember those we have lost serving our country & fighting for our freedom. Last year, an estimated 12 billion dollars will be spent on Memorial Day! This tells us one thing: people will be out & about. No matter your plans for May 28th, we have a few marketing ideas your business might enjoy.

If you’re a numbers person, you’ll probably enjoy seeing Memorial Day this way. Check out this site for more details!


Looking for marketing ideas? Here are a few.


Not all businesses will be open on actual Memorial Day but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on the red, white & blue. Bring attention to your business the week before & definitely the weekend before. Incorporate your clients with this by creating a contest on social media. The more décor, the better so fill up on flags, balloons, streamers and have your employees dawn the same theme!


No good holiday is left without a discount but make this one extra special. Show some extra respect during the long weekend to those who are in our military or who have been in the past. They deserve a little extra attention & this is the day to do it. Offering a discount won’t take too much time or effort on our end, it’s a win-win.


Lots of communities across the country have multiple events going on during Memorial Day weekend. From parades to BBQs, to races, the list really goes on & on. Find out what will be happening in your town & be there. These events draw big crowds. School & work are usually out for the day which means more people are looking for a good time. Time to show off your business!

Memorial Weekend is a great way to spend time outside, weather depending of course. Set that KD Kanopy out & put your business in front of people. We can’t wait to see your pop-ups in action.

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When you make a purchase from KD Kanopy, we want you to be happy knowing that your canopy will last a long time, just like your business. We hear from past clients often whose canopies have lasted over 10 years. We want that to be you! The canopies we create love hangin out with the crowds at festivals, soaking in the enthusiasm at sporting events and enjoy a good networking session at tradeshows but there are a few things you want to avoid so that you have a canopy that will stand the test of time.


Our canopies are meant to be installed within a few minutes, giving you a no-hassle set-up. The same goes for taking them down. Like we mentioned earlier, our canopies enjoy a good networking session at tradeshows but they don’t like to be set up for multiple days in a row. At the end of the day, you’re tired & you need some rest. Do yourself a favor, let your canopy rest too.


Most likely, your local weatherman can predict the conditions you’re going to see on the day of your event. We keep our fingers crossed for sunshine (always) but there is that occasional day or 2 where the wind comes up. These are the days you may want to keep your canopy at home. Those really big wind gusts can tear your canopy top & that would be a horrible way to end (or start) a day.


As you already know, our canopy tops are water resistant meaning they can handle the occasional sprinkle. They are not waterproof. Don’t leave your canopy by itself when it’s raining. We all know that sometimes when it rains, it pours. If you allow the water to pool up after a good rain, you risk the weight of that water damaging the canopy frame. Want more details about water resistant vs. waterproof? Check out this blog we posted back in March.

As we head into the summer months, outside is the place to be. Our canopies love to be outside to help you show off your brand. Keep these simple care instructions in the back of your mind and it will help your canopy to last for years and years. If you have any questions or need any help, our customer support team is always here!

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Now through May 31, 2018, when you choose a display package, you choose our savings, what a deal! If you are looking to add some pizazz to your marketing display this summer, you still have time & this is the perfect way to do it. Having just a canopy at your display will catch people’s attention no doubt but wow, when you add an accessory, chances are they will have a hard time walking past you at festivals & events this summer.  Here’s a quick breakdown of options you get with our special this month.

***All options come with full color, are printed on our new Samba material, are fade resistant, water repellant, wrinkle free and they won’t crack, peel or fade!***

 Option #1

Choose a canopy + 1 accessory and get 25% off!

Option #2

Choose a canopy + 2 accessories and get 30% off!

Option #3

Choose a canopy + 3 accessories and get 35% off!

Option #4

Choose a canopy + 4 accessories and get 40% off!

***Accessories: side panels, rail curtains, table covers, banners, flags and more…***

We are the experts in creating ways for your business to be noticed. Let us help you wow the crowd this summer. Head over to our website to start the process today!





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The name itself tells you it’s going to be good. Our Majestic Pop-Up Canopies are one of our top sellers for a reason (more on that later).

The pop-up canopy industry is competitive, we know. That’s what makes us so proud to be a leader. Dozens of companies, sports teams, and other patrons have turned to us to provide them with a canopy design that will make them stand out in the crowd at their next event. Our unique designs started over 30 years ago and has grown to provide you with over 10 different tent designs and 8 different branding tools. No matter your budget or your need, we have something that’s going to fit.

Back to the Majestic. These beauties are consistently at the top of our top seller list.

Why, you ask? We answer.


The Warranties.

They come with a frame that has lifetime warranty & the top comes with a 1-year warranty

They’re Versatile.

Use them inside or outside, it doesn’t make a difference (but your marketing will)

They’re easy to use.

They’re lightweight, strong and they set up in a matter of minutes

They’ll withstand the weather.

The tops are water-resistant, fire-retardant, and UV-protected

There are Size Options.

We have 3 sizes to fit your needs, 10’x10’, 10’x15’ & 10’x20’

You Can Customize!

Choose from 17 bold colors or have the top custom printed with graphics of your choice (think logo, motto or team colors)

The Majestic could be the perfect match for your canopy needs. Start the process of investing in a KD Kanopy today!

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We have the best clients around & our beer loving clients always know how to have a good time. They are scattered all over the country, from the east coast to the west coast and up to AK. Add these stops to your bucket list this summer! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

 They may be a little over 2,600 miles from our hometown of Denver but Alaskan Brewing Co. is worth a visit if you find yourself in Juneau this summer. Since 1986, Alaskan Brewing Co. has had a trifecta of a mission. They have strived to ‘produce internationally recognized quality craft beverages, showcase quality-oriented manufacturing in Alaska, and to have fun growing both individually & as a company’. This summer, get your hands on their seasonal Kolsch Ale. Although it began as part of their Rough Draft Series of experimental brews, it has since taken home medals at the GABF, the World Beer Cup & a few other international competitions. Their summer Kolsch pairs wells with crab or halibut (fresh & Alaskan, of course) and is a great beer to grab to go with your salad, if you’re that type of person.


Sit along the historic brownstone while you enjoy a casual but upscale menu & an award-winning line up of beers at City Steam Brewery in Hartford, Connecticut. The beers will blow you away but their unique, multi-level floor plan is sure to set the scene for a night you will always remember. Check out their beer garden, their game room (including pool!), their classic brewery bar that always features 12 beers, live entertainment (on the weekends) and of course, a 30-year standing tradition, live comedy from Brew Ha Ha Comedy Club. If you only have a snippet of time to visit, do so during their happy hour. During the week from 4-7pm, you can enjoy a variety of delicious foods & beverages all while taking in this one-of-a-kind environment. Have you scheduled your trip yet?  Make sure you align your calendar of events with theirs!

Ninkasi Brewing has a story that dates back to 2006 when 2 friends mustered up both the courage & the funds to create their first batch of beer, Total Domination IPA. In 200,7 they moved to its current location in Eugene, Oregon knowing it would be the perfect spot for their dream to ‘provide a place for people to come together over a pint’. Since their opening, they have grown to the 38th largest craft brewer in the U.S.A! Stopping in this summer? Be sure to check out their What Do You Know? Trivia nights on Tuesdays or stop in on a Thursday to be a part of Pints for a Cause. It seems like there is always something going on at Ninkasi!

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