We have the best clients around & our beer loving clients always know how to have a good time. They are scattered all over the country, from the east coast to the west coast and up to AK. Add these stops to your bucket list this summer! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

 They may be a little over 2,600 miles from our hometown of Denver but Alaskan Brewing Co. is worth a visit if you find yourself in Juneau this summer. Since 1986, Alaskan Brewing Co. has had a trifecta of a mission. They have strived to ‘produce internationally recognized quality craft beverages, showcase quality-oriented manufacturing in Alaska, and to have fun growing both individually & as a company’. This summer, get your hands on their seasonal Kolsch Ale. Although it began as part of their Rough Draft Series of experimental brews, it has since taken home medals at the GABF, the World Beer Cup & a few other international competitions. Their summer Kolsch pairs wells with crab or halibut (fresh & Alaskan, of course) and is a great beer to grab to go with your salad, if you’re that type of person.


Sit along the historic brownstone while you enjoy a casual but upscale menu & an award-winning line up of beers at City Steam Brewery in Hartford, Connecticut. The beers will blow you away but their unique, multi-level floor plan is sure to set the scene for a night you will always remember. Check out their beer garden, their game room (including pool!), their classic brewery bar that always features 12 beers, live entertainment (on the weekends) and of course, a 30-year standing tradition, live comedy from Brew Ha Ha Comedy Club. If you only have a snippet of time to visit, do so during their happy hour. During the week from 4-7pm, you can enjoy a variety of delicious foods & beverages all while taking in this one-of-a-kind environment. Have you scheduled your trip yet?  Make sure you align your calendar of events with theirs!

Ninkasi Brewing has a story that dates back to 2006 when 2 friends mustered up both the courage & the funds to create their first batch of beer, Total Domination IPA. In 200,7 they moved to its current location in Eugene, Oregon knowing it would be the perfect spot for their dream to ‘provide a place for people to come together over a pint’. Since their opening, they have grown to the 38th largest craft brewer in the U.S.A! Stopping in this summer? Be sure to check out their What Do You Know? Trivia nights on Tuesdays or stop in on a Thursday to be a part of Pints for a Cause. It seems like there is always something going on at Ninkasi!

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It makes us really happy to talk about summer & even more happy to help you get ready for a busy schedule of events & festivals. Now is the perfect time to make sure your business is ready to shine with the sun during the summer months. We are ready for farmer’s markets, beer festivals, concerts, parades and events at the park, aren’t you? The options for purchasing a high-quality canopy seem to be endless these days. At KD Kanopy, we strive to make sure your investment in one of our branding tools can’t be beaten. Keep this in mind as we head into the summer. Here are 3 reasons you need to consider a canopy for your events this summer.


The weather in the summer months can be highly unpredictable. Sunshine & heat one moment, wind & rain the next. One of our custom canopies will make sure both you & your product is sheltered.


Your canopy becomes a landmark at events. Make your space a place where people will stay & visit,  perhaps do some networking and of course, enjoy your product. This will be especially true if you happen to be pouring adult beverages at say, a beer festival? No matter your product or your event, your canopy will provide your patrons a place to hang out. Make sure it is inviting & comfortable.


We saved the best for last on this list. Stand out at your event with a custom canopy. This is where the fun starts. We offer custom printing so you can display your brand logo, business motto, team colors or anything else that will catch the attention of people this summer. We make it easy for you to be remembered by passerbys.


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Coming July 2018: The Annual Charity Golf Tournament for Kids Mobility Network

One of our favorite events is right around the corner. The Annual Charity Golf Tournament & Dinner Fundraiser for Kids Mobility Network  is set for Monday, July 16, 2018 at Meridian Golf Club in Englewood, Colorado. Get ready for some golf, delicious dinner, both a silent & a live auction and of course, no event in Colorado would be complete without some live music.

This is one of the best golf tournaments in Colorado. If you like to golf & if you like to help kids, this is your time to shine. Even if you don’t golf, we are sure you love helping kids & we have just the spot for you at the event. We love teaming up with Kids Mobility Network because the inspiration behind their mission is contagious. They want to make sure this beautiful world we live in can be accessed by everybody. Their specific mission is to provide wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment to children with disabilities.

Last year’s event was wildly successful & we know this year will be no different. Thanks to the other sponsors, participants, volunteers & donors, the tournament raised over $50,000 in 2017. Imagine how many children’s lives can be enhanced with these proceeds. Anybody can participate in this life-changing event, even if you consider yourself a non-golfer. You can become a sponsor, it’s great exposure for our company or you can donate to the auctions.

We would love for you to come out & be part of this year’s fun! Check out more event details & get the day’s schedule here. See you on the course!

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When Marketing Makes You Laugh!

 March is coming to an end this weekend. Wow! Already. Yes, it’s time to get your canopy & your company ready for outdoor marketing. But before we dive into the bulk of the spring and then into summer, it’s time to have some fun. April Fool’s Day is on Sunday (Easter too) and who doesn’t love a good, no-harm prank? It’s always fun to see the light-hearted side of any company, no matter the product. Last year was no exception on the laughing front as dozens of companies made us laugh with funny, smart & engaging pranks for their audience. Some are done so well that they actually seem real. Here’s a few of those:

 BMW Unicorn 

Automobile companies are usually on the list of companies who have insanely fun ideas for April Fool’s Day. They seem to enjoy this holiday as much as the holidays we round the year out with. Last year, BMW, the German car maker, advertised a collection of parts that bring out the unicorn lover in all of us. Their collection included rainbow headlights, special side mirrors and of course, a unicorn horn for the hood. Luckily, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this unique collection & you can only get them if you have a white BMW.

The T-Mobile ONEsie

And you thought smartwatches were cool. Last year, T-Mobile revealed a cutting-edge idea for an all in one fitness tracker, the T-Mobile ONEsie. This fashion forward outfit not only tracks your fitness levels but also your vital signs, sleep, the number of steps you take, your breathing, your movement and your body position.  Not only does the ONEsie do all of this but it also gives you full-bars coverage wherever you are. So, not only do you get a cool outfit, but you’re also a walking fitness-tracker & walking hot spot. Pretty creative if you ask us!

Google Strikes Again

Every year, we can all count on Google for a good prank.  Last year, Google Maps brought back an updated prank they pulled in 2015: Pac Man. This time, the prank hit the app, not the desktop version. If you knew about the prank, it is highly likely that your productivity came to a screeching halt for at least a little while that day. The prank enabled you to  easily open up Pac Man on your Google Maps app and play it like you would any other game. The best part? You could play Pac Man on real streets!

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At this point, we are only about a week out from April, the month that historically brings springs showers so we can enjoy those May flowers. Keep this in mind when you take your canopy outside for your events.

The tops of our KD Kanopy canopies take the biggest hit when it comes to wet weather & it’s important to know the difference between water-resistant & water-proof tops. We have recently rolled out a new fabric, we upgraded to a 600 Denier Oxford Polyester. Just like our other fabrics, it is water-resistant. What do we mean by this?  They are ready for a light spring rain. The water-resistant finish on the fabric allows the water to bead up & drizzle off the canopy top, leaving your products & brand information dry underneath.  If more than a light rain is in the forecast, you may want to take your canopy inside. A heavier ran can cause problems not only for the canopy top but the frame as well. The water weight will compromise the integrity of the frame & your canopy just won’t be the same.

Now, in case of those heavy rains, a water-proof tent is a tent is going to prevent the water from penetrating. Waterproof technology is what you would expect from a camping tent, not an event tent. To keep your  KD Kanopy lasting longer, plan to use it when a downpour is not in the forecast.

Of course, we are always happy to help if you have any questions about our canopy tops or other products. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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We are really looking forward to being at this year’s International Pizza Expo in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the world’s largest trade show for the industry. Although the expo is happening all of next week, exhibits will be open at the Las Vegas Convention Center  Tuesday (March 20th) through Thursday (March 22nd). Check out a few more details about the week ahead below.


Attendants will include those who own pizzeria or pizza-concept restaurants, managers, operators along with food brokers and distributors.

Exhibitors will include those who supply pizza ingredients, such as pizza flour, suppliers of POS systems, equipment to use in the kitchen, promotional items & marketing as well as other companies who are able to provide service to those in the pizza restaurant industry.

There will be over 500 exhibitors & 1,400 booths!


The 34th year of the world’s largest trade show for the pizza industry.

Get ready for over 80 seminars, workshops, demos & networking events (including both front & back of the house training)!


This coming week (March 19-22, 2018)

Exhibits will be open March 20-22, 2018



Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas Convention Center


WHY ATTEND? This expo is the 1 stop shop if you happen to need just about any product or service for the pizzeria industry. During the more than 80 seminars, you will learn more about topics that are important to the success of your business. You will also be able to show off your pizza skills in various competitions and attend special events like the Beer & Bull networking session and the Pizza Expo Block Party.

Listen to these happy attendants from the past! 

WHY EXHIBIT? This is the place to do business! If you’re looking to expand your brand & market share in this industry, you must come! Last year, there were over 7,400 qualified, independent, chain & franchise pizzeria buyers at the expo. Over 500 companies exhibited. Take this opportunity to reach new clientele, and visit with current ones.

Exhibitor retention rate is over 85%-reserve your booth space today!

KD Kanopy will be exhibiting our new fabric, a 600 Denier Oxford Polyester. All of our fabric is waterproof, UV protected & CPAI 84 fire certified! Stop by & say hi! We will be at booth #1605



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In a couple of weeks, we are kicking off convention season 2018. We are looking forward to connecting with past clients and bringing in new customers. Tradeshows (or conventions or expos) are the best time to do this. The week of March 18th, we will be heading to Las Vegas for the International Pizza Expo (more on this later!).  As we gear up, we wanted to share 5 tips that we make sure to implement for each convention and think you will find them helpful as well. If you prepare in advance you will be more productive, things will go more smoothly and efficiently. Make it worth it!

#1: Get a good map of the show floor.

Most likely, the trade show you are attending will offer a map ahead of time. Get one. Check out where each of your desirable vendors will be and plan the most efficient route for your time at the tradeshow.

#2: Make a schedule.              

It’s important before you make a schedule, to be sure that all of your appointments (if needed) are set. Then, make yourself a schedule including each vendor on your efficient route. Always give yourself more time than you think. Extra time will come in handy if you run into someone or have conversations with vendors that run over. In your schedule, try to leave time at the end of the tradeshow/convention to perhaps grab dinner or drinks with fellow attendees…this is a great way to network! You might also use this time to do some homework after the show (comparing notes, reviewing each vendor you saw and getting ideas together for possible orders so that you can be sure to take advantage of those great tradeshow/convention specials).

#3: Set appointments ahead of time.

Depending on the vendor, you may need to set up an appointment. Make sure you do your research to find out if you do.  The earlier you do this, the better. That way, you know you won’t miss them and you can get a preferred time. It’s best to get the first or the last appointment of the day so that you can plan the rest of your time out. If you have to make more than 1 appointment, make sure to leave some time in between in case there is any run over.

#4: Create a checklist.

Plan ahead. With a checklist, you will have all of your must-see vendors and must-do events during the tradeshow/convention. This way you won’t miss out. Keep your checklist close by and refer to it periodically throughout the day to make sure you are keeping up. The night before the last day, review your checklist. You may feel the need to re-prioritize your day.

#5: Be prepared

Good things to pack for the tradeshow or convention might be extra comfy clothes and shoes, an extra bag to carry products/catalogs/merchandise in, your own branded gear, business cards, a name badge, a budget and of course, pack a smile!

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Imagine this (or maybe it’s your reality). You have your own business. You have worked countless hours to get this business off the ground. You’re excited & motivated to really get going & turn this business into everything you’ve ever imagined. Now, you need to market yourself. Get the word out, tell everyone about your product or your service. Marketing is a vital piece to owning your own business & there are a variety of ways to go about it. Today, we share 5 ways you can get the job done & of course, we at KD Kanopy are ready to help!

Invest in a custom canopy (from KD, of course)

We want to help set you apart at your next event with one of our custom canopies. Think about the sea of canopies that all look alike. Your business needs to stand out. Using your brand, our creation will get you noticed in a big way. You can choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. We have over 10 different unique designs to choose from. When you purchase a KD Kanopy you get it all—quality, ingenuity, and longevity.

Choose a KD Kanopy branding tool

We have more than canopies & tents at KD. Choose from our other branding tools for your next big event. Our exciting graphic products help draw customers to your display or point of sale­. Maybe you would prefer a table cover or a patio umbrella. We also have an assortment of different types of banners that will be sure to get you noticed. No matter the creation you choose, KD Kanopy is ready to help you promote your product or service!

Open Up Office Hours

When you market, you want to connect with your audience, right? Connect directly by offering some Q + A time.   Use Facebook, Google+, even Twitter chats to connect with potential clients in a meaningful way. Let their questions reveal what your product is about. Off to a slow start with this? Ask some friends who have interest in your topic to ask some questions and get the ball rolling!

Offer Freebies That Tell Your Story

Everyone loves a freebie. Free sells. Of course, it’s not just ‘free’ that leaves the impression. Getting your brand’s story across to your audience, and beyond, is what leaves them wanting more. Give away a freebie at your next event that will remind people of your product or your service. But think broadly and creatively. A writing tool is a commonly distributed freebie but you can do better. Maybe you are a personal trainer and your passion is bringing families together through exercise. Offer a free training session to anyone who brings a parent or sibling with them. With some luck, some of those family members will turn into new clients. Not a personal trainer? Think about a unique freebie that will capture what your business is all about.

Do Anything You Can To Stand Out

More than likely, your brand faces some type of competition with other brands. Be the brand people remember.  Being different or creative just for the sake of being noticed isn’t good enough. By adding a little uniqueness and creativity here and there, your brand will stand out. For example, find a creative way to do your business cards. Make them an extension of your business, don’t settle with the plain ol paper business card. Or you can amp up your blog! Take advantage of marketing online. The relatively inexpensive potential of going viral is pretty high. Even if you don’t go ‘viral’, connecting with clients online is great. It reminds them of what makes you better and hopefully turns them into brand enthusiasts!

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February 2018 is almost in the history books and we don’t know about you, but we are anxiously awaiting the spring warm up. Spring is one of our favorite seasons. Longer days, warmer sunshine & of course, golf season begins. We are lucky enough to be involved with a couple different charity tournaments including the Kids Mobility Network Charity Golf Tournament. Help us make this another great event!

 You’re Invited

 Who: You & all of your family & friends

What: The Kids Mobility Network Charity Golf Tournament

When: Monday, July 16, 2018

 Where: Meridian Golf Club (9742 S Meridian Blvd, Englewood, CO 80112

 Why: To make the lives of kids with disabilities easier to access! When you register, you get the chance to play golf, eat dinner, join the silent auction, and listen to live music. All proceeds from this event helps Kids Mobility Network provide wheelchairs and other medical equipment to children with disabilities.

 2018 is sure to be another great year for this event. Click here to learn more about this incredible event & buy your tickets today. Thank you for all of your support, we look forward to seeing you this summer!

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They’re strong. They’re good looking. They’re rugged. And you can get one for only $699 now through February 21, 2018. That’s nearly half off their original value of $1400. Our XTF style canopies are part beauty, part beast, it’s no wonder they are one of our top sellers.

 The frames on an XTF are made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum. Did we mention that they are really strong? In fact, they’re 33% stronger than other aluminum frames on the market. The industrial-strength hex-shaped legs that contribute to this frame are so rugged that a 300-pound man could easily hang from the scissor bars.

 The toughness of this canopy cannot be beat, really. It is sure to stand the test of time. Whether you use it to show off your product, your company or your team spirit, the XTF  will do a solid job.

 Beyond being one of the toughest canopies on the market, this unique designs has an element of refinement too. The nylon-resin composite fittings eliminate the binding associated with the metal-on-metal contact of competitor’s frames, giving you a smooth-gliding, well-mannered support system.

 Our President’s Day Special not only includes the canopy frame but comes with unlimited printing as well as a wheel bag & spikes. Customize your canopy with logos & graphics of your choice. You will easily be noticed in a sea of pop-up canopies at your next event. This deal is good, take advantage before time runs out!

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