Picture this. You have a passion so big, you never stop thinking about it. Your life becomes that passion and you want to turn that passion into a business so that other people will benefit from it. Eventually, your dreams come true. Now you’re out in the community, sharing your business and telling people about how your dreams became a reality. Sounds like the American Dream, right?  Also sounds like Reckoning Fitness. More on them soon.

We are so proud to support businesses that are making big things happen. Watching their brands come alive on a pop-up canopy is music to our ears. At KD Kanopy we strive to help these businesses stand out with custom, bold, unique designs. Our branding tools are made with these businesses in mind. We know you’ll be out in the elements doing everything you can do grow your business so we create them to be easy to use, long lasting and of course, memorable.

Back to a local business who has recently become part of our KD Kanopy family, Reckoning Fitness. We love what this company stands for and what they have to offer. They join a few companies you may have heard of who also started their journey inside their garage including Apple, Amazon, Google, HP, and the Walt Disney Company. Pretty impressive. We know big things are in store for Reckoning Fitness and now they have a fabulous, eye-catching pop-up canopy to help them get there.

This husband and wife duo, Esther & Chad, have started their fitness business in the heart of Denver after both having a lifelong passion for fitness and nutrition. Crossfit changed both of their lives and brought them together, now they are doing the same for their community. They are excited to help you program your workout, fit it to your intensity, and offer nutritional guidance along the way. You can get started on your own fitness journey with a variety of different membership options including month-to-month, 6 & 12-month contracts, personal coaching, punch cards, and drop-in passes.

We love helping businesses grow and look forward to watching Reckoning Fitness be one of those businesses. Contact them now to get started!


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Another reason for fun marketing- Halloween is lurking in the near future. Small businesses or big box retailers are filling their spaces with candy corn, skeletons, and cobwebs, attempting to spook you into the mood. Halloween happens to be one of the biggest money makers for retailers as nearly 175 million Americans plan to participate in festivities spending close to $9 billion dollars this year, according to our friends at the National Retail Federations.

So, in essence, if your business isn’t partaking in a head-turning Halloween marketing campaign, you’re missing out.  Here are a few campaigns used by big-name brands that have left us shakin in our boots over the last few years.

 ‘Come as a Clown. Eat like a King’


Last year, Burger King gave away free Whoppers to the first 500 customers who came dressed up as clowns at locations in Austin, Boston, LA, Salt Lake City & Miami. The spooky ad showcases a teenage boy riding his bike through a dark and eerie neighborhood with creep clowns lining the street, following him to his destination. He eventually encounters a lit up Burger King where he makes his escape. That Whopper will taste even better. Watch the clip here!

‘Stay If you Dare’


Back in 2013, Booking.com’s Halloween campaign made travel plans to a spooky location even spookier with this ad. Looking to stay at a haunted location across the world got a lot easier with the haunted destination finder on their website. With just a few clicks you could be staying at a place where there were more tricks than treats (if you dare). Watch the clip here!

‘Come pay with us Danny’


If you’re a fan of The Shining, you’re going to especially like this one from 2015.  Remember that creepy hallway scene at the hotel in the Halloween classic? Now it may be more relatable as the little boy rides his tricycle through IKEA. Of course, numerous IKEA products are scattered throughout the video for us to catch. Instead of the 2 girls saying, “come play with us Danny” at the end of the hallway, it’s his parents telling him, “come pay with us Danny”.  A parody well done, IKEA. Watch the clip here!

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We’ve mentioned it before but we will mention it again. We have the best clients! There’s nothing better than helping you all expand your business by creating a way for you to be noticed and that’s what we do best. We are always grateful to hear the happiness that exudes from a client after they put their canopy to use. This week is no exception as we hear from Cecilia Designs, a handmade jewelry enthusiast out of Tisbury, MA.

 “The Canopy is truly beautiful and it looks very professional and my customers can identify where I am at a show very easily. I can’t say enough about their customer service, it is truly refreshing when you do business with people who are knowledgeable and honest.”- Cecilia Designs

 We know Cecilia participates in a lot of outdoor shows, markets & other vending opportunities. This is where we step in. A custom KD Kanopy is perfect for the intense East Coast weather. They’re perfect for any coast, really, but there’s something about the East Coast that screams heat, wind, rain & some snow. You will want to be protected. Just like Cecilia mentions, “I bought the top-of-the-line aluminum grade frame in anticipation of doing a 2-day show in October in the North East where the weather can be really bad”. 2 years later, and Cecilia’s XTF is still going strong, pun intended. So strong in fact that she sometimes “can’t help to show off and do pull-ups from the crossbars”. We love her enthusiasm! Our products are made to be durable and last a long time but of course, having a client be able to do pull-ups on the crossbars really speaks to the strength of our product (and our clients!)

As a small business owner, we know you have a lot on your plate & we strive to make your experience as a KD Kanopy owner an easy one. There’s nothing worse than getting to a show & spending too much time setting up a stubborn canopy, hoping not to pinch your fingers, and breaking out in a sweat before you talk to your future customers. Our products will leave you feeling the exact opposite. Cecilia noted, “Once I dragged it out of my car into my booth, the ease in which it goes up is truly remarkable”. This is even more remarkable knowing that Cecilia is a “61-year-old female”. We applaud her both for her physical strength & her strength as a business owner.

 Cecilia is a native Peruvian who’s brilliant artistic abilities started back when she was 14. Jewelry making has since taken her to New York, Italy, Boston, and Norway. Since 1983, Cecilia’s designs, which are a fusion of Inca design with the clean, slick lines of Scandinavia and the geometry of Art-Deco, have been in over 250 galleries, boutiques, gift shops and museums across the country.  After spending some time in a retail shop on Martha’s Vineyard, you can now find Cecilia gallivanting around Massachusetts to various retail shows.

We are grateful to have Cecilia as a client and look forward to the beautiful jewelry she has yet to create!

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RECAP: Interbike Market Week

Learning from our peers is a powerful and more direct way to gain the knowledge needed to enchance  your business, no matter the industry.

 At KD Kanopy, we serve a variety of many different industries. Anything from pizza to sports teams to bikes. Every year we take part in a number of trade shows across the country to show off our quality branding products. Last week, we had the privilege of being in Reno, Nevada for North America’s leading cycling event for the trade, The Interbike Market Week.

Although this year’s event is officially in the books, we wanted to put the spotlight on it this week, we had that much fun & want you all to know all about it. Long story short, it’s a weeklong celebration of all things cycling! Ok, here’s more of that long story.

The Northstar California Resort is the new location for this event & they couldn’t have picked a better one. The outstanding September weather was coupled with expanded space which allowed both riders & companies to participate & get outdoors. Not to mention, this area of the country has some of the most epic riding conditions.

The week consisted of mountain bike races, chair lift access, bike demos, e-mountain bike loops, kids rodeos, a wine walk, beer festival, live music & good food .

The week transitioned from the consumer demo to the private retailer demo to the industry’s premier bike demo. If you are part of the biking industry, you need to be there next year.

This year,  education was put at the forefront of the seminars. Hopefully next year is the same. The 3 keynote speakers that spoke this year included John Venuizen, the CEO of Ace Hardware Corporation, who talked about the success of his 5,000 independent store owners. Retail prophet Doug Stevens was there to help retailers with ideas about how to compete in this post-digital world. And David Mead, a leadership expert used the bestselling book, Start with Why, to talk about the importance of the environment and culture of a business.

Besides the incredible seminars, they launched an all new, in-person mechanic certification program this year.Very cool.

KD Kanopy was so excited to be a part of all the action this year. We are looking forward to making many branding dreams come true as we create custom, eye-catching marketing tools for those that we met last week.

Mark your calendars for next year’s event & get ready to have the whole mountain to yourself, this really is  a demo like no other.

Next year’s event will take place from September 15-September 19, 2019.

              Looking to get in on the custom, eye-catching marketing tools? We can help! Check out our website for more details.


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We may be best known for our unique pop-up canopies but trust us, we know a thing or two about making those pop-up canopies stand out even more with a variety of accessories.

Add a side panel, a rail curtain, a table cover or even a chalet top & your custom set-up just went from good to outstanding.

Getting these accessories to look good will come partially from you but don’t worry, it’s easy. We do the hard part-the printing, all in house too.

Luckily, our accessories are designed with as much ease of use in mind as our pop-ups canopies.

Find out more about each accessory below and keep in mind, ‘accessories are the important details needed to complete each look’.

 Side Panels

How do they attach? With a hook-and-loop attachment (easy to add to any canopy frame) or upgrade to zipper attachments!

Why should you get one? To enclose your canopy, provide additional protection from weather or add more space for graphics

What sizes do they come in? All sizes of our Majestic canopies, Party Shade canopies (digital printing only on 10×20 size) & all sizes of the Star Shade canopies.

What other options do you have? Choose the custom printing option or from one of the 17 bold color choices, add an open serving window (or 2!),  a clear upper panel, or a zipper opening.

Rail Curtain

How do they attach? An aluminum support rail attaches to the canopy legs without tools & hook-and-loop side straps keep the rail curtain in place.

Why should you get one? To partially enclose your canopy and channel traffic while still providing airflow and allowing customers to see inside.

What sizes do they come in? They are 30” high & the telescoping rails will work with 5’, 8’ and 10’ canopy leg spans.

What other options do you have? Choose the custom printing option or from one of the 17 bold color choices.

Watch the how-to set up video here!

Table Cover

How do they attach? Pull the fitted table cover over a folding table & voila!

Why should you get one? Add some pizzazz to a beat-up folding table. Set your products on something that makes them look even better.

What sizes do they come in? We make them in 4’, 6’ and 8’ sizes to fit standard-sized collapsible banquet tables. They are 29.5” high.

What other options do you have? Choose between a fitted or a stretch-fit style, add graphics or choose from 17 bold color choices.

Click here to watch a how-to set up video!

Chalet Top

Give your canopy frame a makeover! These fancy tops are compatible with any of our 10’x10’ canopy frames and fit the frame from top to bottom. Since they’re made using the same material we use for canopy tops, they are strong, lightweight, water-resistant, fire-retardant & UV-protected.



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KD Kanopy Clients at GABF!

It’s baaaaaack! The Great American Beer Festival is set to kick off another year of competition in the heart of Denver starting next week. It spans from September 20-22 to be exact.

It’s the country’s premier beer festival, the largest collection of beer ever served in a public tasting event & of course, a festival this big wouldn’t be complete without a little competition. The coveted awards from the GABF can help any brewery stand out in a growing market & we couldn’t be more proud that a handful (a good sized one at that) of our clients will be represented at this year’s festivities.

And don’t worry. It’s not too late to get a ticket. There are still some available for Thursday, September 20th. Click here to reserve yours.

Are you one of the hundreds who already have a ticket? Congrats. You are about to enjoy a once in a lifetime beer festival. Although you will be indoors for most of it, it’s looking like the perfect long weekend in Denver. Beautiful weather & good beer is on tap (pun intended).

Did we mention, we have several clients who will be showing off what they do best at this year’s GABF? Make sure to stop by & give them some big love. Below is a list of some of those breweries. If we have left anyone out, we apologize but please let us know. We want to give the credit where the credit is due. Good luck to all of you!

300 Suns Brewing from Longmont, CO


 Alaskan Brewing Co. from Juneau, AK


Boulder Beer Co. from Boulder, CO

The Brew on Broadway (The BoB) from Englewood, CO


City Star Brewing from Berthoud, CO

Crazy Mountain Brewing Co from Denver, CO


Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant from Broomfield, CO


New Belgium Brewing Co from Ft. Collins, CO

Ninkasi Brewing Co. from Eugene, OR


Oskar Blues Brewery from Longmont, CO


Sierra Nevada from Chico, CA

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SHOUTOUT THURSDAY: BrewHound Dog Park + Bar

Happiness is a choice & for years we have had no other choice but to be happy when we hear about a satisfied client. In this case,  we are not only thrilled to know that our client is content with their KD product but their business will make other people happy & for that, we are so excited! At KD Kanopy we thoroughly enjoy helping you brand your business in a way that brings the people to you & for this particular business, the dogs too.

“WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  It came out so well + so bold and we can tell how well it’s made.”


We are thrilled to have Brew Hound Dog Park + Bar join our KD Kanopy family with this stand out pop-up that they can put to use at local festivals & networking events. We love that their logo & business name are printed boldly on the top. It makes them easy to spot when a bunch of canopies are all set up at an event. Surely, lots of people in Florida want a good spot to pull over during a festival, enjoy some shade & hear about their incredible business that is coming soon to Neptune Beach, Florida!

Coffee, local beer & wine, dogs, sunshine, friendly people & spending time outside. We can’t think of a better way to spend some time. Brew Hound is making it possible for the people of Jacksonville soo! If you find yourself in the Northern Florida area, do yourself a favor & put this place on your ‘must visit’ list. You will be able to enjoy a beverage (hot or cold) while hanging out with your doggie, fellow doggies & their owners.

Brew Hound is set to hook you up with an offering of local dog-friendly hiking, camps & other adventures for you to “Get outside, with your dog!

We wish them all the best as they get ready to open this one-of-a-kind gathering place & look forward to helping them with their future branding needs. Welcome to the KD Kanopy family Brew Hound!


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Calling all Festival Lovers! The Star Shade is For You

The festival for all festivals is happening right now in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. This is the 32nd anniversary of the Burning Man, an experience like no other as “almost everything that happens is created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the experience”. KD Kanopy’s high-quality products make us a popular choice for Burning Man attendees.  Our StarShade stood out as being a crowd favorite on ePlaya, an online community where Burning Man attendees can gather to exchange ideas about their week in Nevada. It’s a forum operated by the Burning Man Project and is full of information.

Burning Man & the festival-goers create a temporary city of sorts in Black Rock City Nevada from August 26th-September 3rd this year. People gather from all parts of the country to celebrate their diversity, art, music, community togetherness and at the end of the week, they pack up and head out as if nothing ever happened.

 Our StarShade design stands out as being especially perfect for a week in the desert. Here are 3 reasons why festival goers picked our product to help them out this week.

It’s not going to blow away if you leave it for the day.

When you attend Burning Man, you’re not just going to sit around your camp all day & tell campfire stories. Your time in Nevada will be spent getting out & exploring all of the fascinating parts of the event. You will be drawn to the endless art exhibits, vendors & music so staying at your camp won’t happen often. This is where the StarShades  comes into play. They are great because once they’re up, they’re not going anywhere. One of our customers has a good reminder, “with the right stakes, this one should have no problems”. These structures can be set up using ground stakes or can be set up on hard surfaces using our  StarShade plates. Another customer said “we’ve seen what the wind can do to structures and I think this shape lends itself to lower wind resistance and the open nature helps as well”.  Feel confident knowing that your structure will be there when you get back from a long day of exploring all the event has to offer.

They’re perfect for camping out.

The StarShade, or shall we call it the “Rolls Royce” of structures, is the perfect place to set up camp. Burning Man attendees mentioned it was “impressively stout and unphased by the elements”. They couldn’t be more right. The StarShade is a tension-fabric structure that will withstand the elements that Nevada weather could easily bring. But don’t let us scare you. Weather will never be a problem, our side panels quickly and easily enclose your StarShade so that you are left dry and ready to party.  One Burning Man participant mentioned that he would “have no problems placing my bets on this one”.

They look cool while providing shade!

The StarShade design was introduced by us at KD Kanopy back in the early 1990s & it revolutionized the look of portable tents. Its unique look helps it stand out among others & is the perfect alternative to the square four-post canopy tent. One customer even referred to it as being “amazing and so sweet to look at”. Shade is something you are going to be seeking while spending a week in the desert and the StarShade will have you covered, literally. With our single center pole, you can choose from 3 sizes, each covering you with an adequate amount of shade.

The StarShade is multi-functional and could be perfect for your next event, whether you are planning for next year’s Burning Man or not! Check out our website for more details.

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Don’t Leave Your Canopy off Your Back to School List!

We are deep into August at this point & you know what that means. School’s back! Perhaps you are a couple weeks in, maybe your kids just started & maybe you are blissfully living out the last few days before a new school year begins. Either way, those days at the pool, staying up late, sleeping in, & spending quality time under your KD Kanopy at festivals have all turned into memories. Summer lovin’ has become a thing of the past but that doesn’t mean you have to put your canopy away for the rest of the year!

Here are our favorite ways to use your tent during the school year.

Cross country meets, soccer games & football practice. The summer temps are sure to stay on the higher end for a little while longer. Keep your kids and their team cool under the shade of our Majestic, XTF or Party Shade. Add in some school spirit with custom graphics or colors! It will be the perfect gathering place & an easy way for your team members to spot you.

Concerts Outside. Looking for a place to set up your professional or aspiring band? Look no more. Our Star Stage gets you out of the dive bars and concert halls and into the parks and outdoor spaces. Plus, it’s great for acoustics and it looks good. Take your tunes to the next level. The Star Stage will be music to your ears.

Work Gatherings. No need to track down and reserve a pavilion for your next work function (because that can be a real pain). Our Star Shade is guaranteed to save you time and hassle for your next fun and inspiring work outing. Need a little more room to spread out and play work-related games? Check out our Star Twin, it gives you 685 square feet of space to mingle. And don’t worry. If the games end up not being work-related, we won’t tell.

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UPDATE: Kids Mobility Golf Tournament 2018

WOW. It was a record-breaking year at the annual Kids Mobility Golf Tournament that was held on July 16th.

$80,000 was raised this year!

This is $30,000 more than last year. It’s incredible but even more incredible is where that money goes. $80,000 will go a long way in helping the 1250 families who are served by Kids Mobility. These families will receive wheelchairs & other medical equipment giving them access to this beautiful world we live in while keeping them safe.

It’s hard to imagine not having access to spend time outside at the park, at school or other family events but Kids Mobility makes that happen for hundreds & hundreds of families.

 Of course, none of this would have been possible without the amazing teamwork from sponsors, volunteers & all of the participants. From all of us to all of you, thank you!

We are looking forward to watching the lives of so many kids & their families change for the better. And of course, we can’t wait for next year’s annual golf tournament!

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