Our love fore golf & the rest of the sports industry!

The sports industry is one of our biggest clients. We are always excited to create fun and eye-catching branding tools for both local sports teams and professional sports teams to use at events. Of course, being a fan or a coach is important too and our pop-up kanopies are perfect for tailgating or setting up to watch a game. They protect you from all types of weather and are a great way to show your team pride.

Not only are we active in sports through creating exciting branding tools for teams but we also sponsor & put on golf tournaments for a couple of very inspiring foundations.

Every July, KD puts on one of our favorite events, the Annual Charity Golf Tournament for Kids Mobility Network. It’s always heart-warming to see friends and partners that are willing to take time away from their jobs and families to help others. With over 100 participants this last year, we know that our community supports Kids Mobility too. In fact, this year we helped raise $50,000 at the golf tournament & dinner! The Kids Mobility Network is a non-profit organization that helps provide children who have disabilities with the medical equipment they may need. This includes wheelchairs, walkers, etc. In 2014, we got the chance to sit down with Kids Mobility Network to ask them all about what they do. Mark your calendars for July 17, 2017 & come out to support them with us, it is sure to be another great time!

The Veteran Golfers Association is another organization that is devoted to making the lives of other people better. We are a very proud sponsor of this one-of-a-kind foundation. They promote the game of golf to veterans & their family members through creating ways to compete, socialize & remain physically active in the game. The VGA Tour keeps their members busy with several tournaments throughout the year. This last spring, some of these war heroes even got to experience The Masters, the most coveted golf tournament of the year. It is humbling to support these men and women. This video still gives us a huge dose of inspiration. Thanks for making us proud!

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Testimonial Thursday: Community Beer Company

Our hometown city of Denver, Colorado wrapped up another successful weekend of the Great American Beer Festival October 6th-8th 2016. All things beer have been buzzing around town and it has been fun to be so close to the action. At KD Kanopy, we make some exciting branding tools that the beverage industry uses frequently. In fact, breweries, both big and small, are some of our most common clients. Here’s a testimonial from one of our beer loving clients, Community Beer Company.

“KD Kanopy has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  In our industry customer service and attention to detail are every bit as important as the final product.  KD Kanopy not only has a fantastic product, their level of customer service has truly been above and beyond.  We won’t be looking anywhere else for our future festival needs- that’s for sure!”  

Community Beer Company came out to Colorado this last weekend and took a bronze medal from the Great American Beer Festival back with them to Dallas, Texas. Their Witbier, a Belgian-Style Witbier, helped them win the honorable award. Congrats to them and thanks for sharing your talents!

Just as their name mentions, this brewery reflects the way beer has brought people together. They know how to positively influence local culture and help people enjoy their experience. It’s a great place to hang out as they host all kinds of different events and are supporting charities whenever they can. No wonder they call it “Beer for the Greater Good”.

Their state-of-the-art brewery includes the best of the best brewing equipment from which they have created 14 delicious brews. You will find everything from an IPA to an ale, a porter, a trippel and even a Funnel Cake Ale, a creative English Summer Ale that is available in cans and is a Texas State Fair favorite. Find out where you can get a taste of their goodness in the Dallas area.

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Fresh, Fun & (almost) Free Restaurant Marketing Tips

All this week, we have been taking a peek at marketing products we have created for restaurants around the country. Our goal at KD Kanopy is to help you get your brand in front of customers. The restaurant industry is one of our biggest clients and we are happy to provide them with portable kanopies for festivals and other needs. Maybe our attention getting banners and other signs are calling your name. Perhaps your restaurant is looking to expand your marketing tactics or maybe you are in the beginning stages of starting a restaurant. Either way, here are 3 of our favorite & (almost) free ways to market your restaurant.

1. Grab the Attention of the Media, for free!

People love to eat out. In fact, for the first time in our country’s history, people are spending more money eating out than they are on their own groceries. If you have a restaurant, or plan to start one, people love to hear about a new, good place to fill their appetite.  If you send out a press release to your local news & radio station or your local newspaper, it will be hard for customers to miss you. Try this if you know you will be hosting an event. This way, you are increasing your chances of being seen. Here’s some tips on how to write a press release, it will only take you a few minutes and it’s totally free!

2. Host An Event

Ok, this one may not be entirely free but it doesn’t need to cost much. Hosting events is a great way to get people into your restaurant. Perhaps you have someone provide live music. This is a popular choice at many establishments but you can kick it up a notch by getting your customers more involved. You can have an open mic night to draw in the locals or create some type of singing contest. You can also host cooking classes. This is an exciting way to get people involved in the process of cooking. Maybe it’s a parent/child cooking class or maybe you gear it towards couples. It’s a good way for people to remember your restaurant and have a fun time. Here are some more events you could put on.

3. Polish up Your Customer Service

I don’t know about you but sometimes I remember the server at the restaurant I ate at, more than I remember the food. Yes, this could present a problem with the food side of the restaurant but it’s a good reminder that customer service sells. Coach your servers and other team members to treat their customers like rock stars. Teach them to be welcoming and friendly, but not over the top and annoying. Teach them to give their customers their attention while being able to multi-task. If your staff keeps your customers happy, it will keep them coming back. It’s a win win. Here are a few more tips on how to improve your restaurant customer service.


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More Industry Examples of KD Products

We  make the best of the best when it comes to quality pop-up kanopies. We have also created a number of exciting branding products that are sure to help you bring customers to your store or display. Here, we see a couple more of our products put to use by different industries.

 BEVERAGE DISTRIBTORS Let us put the fizz in your brand’s kanopy, no matter the size

Budweiser, Coors, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Miller and Coke are among some of the largest beverage companies and distributors in the world. We are proud to work with them, as well as many small craft brewers across the country.

We offer both screen printing and full-coverage digital printing to create recognition and help you promote your brand. Leave it up to our professional artists to help with the graphic setup and design if you need it.

SCHOOLS, FATERNITIES AND SORORITIES Let us educate you on the value of quality kanopies and banners for your school

No matter if you are part of a high school or a college, chances are that there are plenty of events and outdoor activities that take place. Make sure you are taking the necessary step to protect your team, colleagues, fans, or fellow students from the elements and the sun.

Our kanopies are perfect for this. In the last 30 years, we have created some great, custom kanopies for thousands of schools and colleges around the world.  Think of all the ways your school could put a KD kanopy to use!

GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY Let us provide a commercial-grade tent, shelter or banner to your military or government agency

Our company manufactures the most durable, long-lasting and fastest setup portable kanopies on the market today. We are proud to supply both government and military agencies with products they need. We are capable of global distribution and we are proud to fulfill orders and deliver them on time and on budget.

We have been manufacturing military tent and shelter production for both the Federal Governement, U.S. Armed Forces and commercial customers. Our strong and sturdy products are used throughout this arena.

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4 Branding Tools For You

Branding Tools

For the last 3 decades, we have worked on perfecting the portable, pop-up kanopy to help you put your business in front of people. Our quality and innovation has continued over the years and our products and designs lead the industry. We know that your business could use a way to promote your products and services, but maybe a kanopy is not the right way to go.  Don’t worry, we have developed several other exciting products that have quality graphics for you to help draw those customers to your store or event. Here is more about 4 of our top sellers.

Teardrop Banner: Give life to your logo or brand through movement 

Check out more about our Teardrop Banner here.

BannerStand: An effective graphic display featuring high-resolution digital printing and effortless hardware setup

Check out more about our BannerStand here.


Spinning Dart Banner: An innovative branding and attention-grabbing banner that spins with a slight breeze

Check out more about our Spinning Dart Banner here.

Pop-Out Banner: Double-sided with digital printing, these compact banners are sure to get you noticed

Check out more about our Pop-Out Banner here.


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Testimonial Thursday: Gliptone

“Thank you for a fantastic job and quick turnaround. The canopys even came a day earlier than expected which worked out perfect since we were able to use them at show going on in upstate NY. The feedback has been very positive”-Gliptone

Our goal at KD Kanopy is to help you put your company in front of customers. We are happy to help you develop a look and help choose the product that best suits your needs. There is a reason we have led this industry for the past 3 decades, we have great customers who understand the importance of a quality product.

It makes us so happy when our clients are happy and we love being able to feature their positive feedback through our blog. Today, we feature Gliptone, a client who agrees with us, it’s all in the quality of your product.

Gliptone is all about high quality products and they stay true to their word. This company started in New York back in 1947.  Local car enthusiasts believed in Gliptone’s desire to create car wax using high quality products and of course, they use a high quality process. These car enthusiasts started talking about the impressive product that Gliptone created and their company took off. As a non-advertising brand, the bulk of this company’s business has come from a long time marketing trick, word of mouth.

Over the years, they have stayed true to the importance of creating high quality products for their customers. Now, they are more than car wax. Their product line includes ‘wash n’ glow’, ‘carnauba paste’, ‘cream wax’, and leather cleaner/conditioner. Gliptone satisfies car enthusiasts all over the world with these products and prides itself as being “the most useful and the highest quality available in today’s fast paced, results driven detailing industry”. Are you a car enthusiast looking to spruce up your collection of quality car care products? Check out their website!

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3 Ways Football Season Can Help Your Small Business Win Big

It’s that time of year again, football season is back! It’s refreshing when the temperatures drop and it’s time for your team to be back on the field. Last year was full of magic as our hometown team won the Super Bowl. We are proud to be such a big part of the Denver Broncos marketing team. Keep an eye out for our KD kanopies next time you are at a game or enjoying some tailgating. We have our fingers crossed that the Broncos have another great season. Make sure your small business has another great season too with these game changing tips. Football season is a great excuse to amp up your marketing and here are 3 ways to do it this fall.

Create a Football Theme

The country will be buzzing about football during the next few months and if you can figure out a way to incorporate football into your product(s), it will go a long way, Hail Mary long. This can be tricky, just keep it simple. Any type of football connection will work. Perhaps you offer a discount for anyone who comes in wearing your local football team gear or create a sale based on the final score of the weekly game. Of course, this can work from high school football all the way to NFL football. Here are some fun promotions you can run this season.

Be in the Conversations

Like we said, football talk will be all over the internet, in the coffee shop, at school and at work. It can be fun to connect with your customers by adding some of that news into your content. This is a great way to be active on social media this fall. Pay attention to hashtags that are trending, this will help you streamline your topics or grab your customer’s attention with some fun football commentary of your own. Make sure your small business is part of the large number of small businesses who are using social media, an affordable marketing tool and click here to find out why it’s so important.

Show Your Support

No matter the type of business, this works well. Perhaps you pick one day a week when all of your employees can skip their normal attire and dress in your team gear. It is also fun to host a football watch party for your employees. Have them show their support by wearing team colors and snap some pictures of everyone enjoying their time together. Post these to your social media accounts to connect with your customers and hopefully, bring in some new ones. Looking for some football watch party planning tips? Here  ya go!

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The StarShade: A Festival Favorite

This week we have been celebrating the one and only, Burning Man. 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of your not so usual festival. It’s an experience like no other in a place like no other, the desert of Nevada. We are so excited to be chosen by many Burning Man goers for our high quality products. Our StarShade stood out as being a crowd favorite on ePlaya, an online community where Burning Man attendees can gather to exchange ideas about their week in Nevada. It’s a forum operated by the Burning Man Project and is chalked full of information. Interested in signing up? Click here.

Burning Man is a week-long festival created in a temporary city, Black Rock City, Nevada. People gather from all parts of the country to celebrate diversity, art, music, community togetherness and at the end of the week, they pack up and head out, as if nothing ever happened.

Our StarShade design stands out as being especially perfect for a week in the desert. Here’s 3 reasons why festival goers picked our product to help them out this week.

They’re perfect for camping out.

Referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of structures, the StarShade is the perfect place to set up camp under. Festival goers mentioned it was “impressively stout and unphased by the elements”. They couldn’t be more right. The StarShade is a tension-fabric structure that will withstand the elemets. Weather will never be a problem, our side panels quickly and easily enclose your StarShade so that you are left dry and ready to party.  One Burning Man participant mentioned that he would “have no problems placing my bets on this one”.

It’s not going to blow away if you leave it for the day.

Burning Man is all about getting out and exploring the event. There’s endless art and music exhibits so chances are you are not going to be staying at your camp for too long. StarShades are great because once they’re up, they’re not going anywhere. One of our customers has a good reminder, “with the right stakes, this one should have no problems”. These structures can be set up using ground stakes or can be set up on hard surfaces using our new StarShade plates. Another customer said “we’ve seen what the wind can do to structures and I think this shape lends itself to lower wind resistance and the open nature helps as well”.  Feel confident knowing that your structure will be there when you get back from a long day of exploring all the event has to offer.

They look cool while providing shade!

Back in the early 1990s we introduced our StarShade design which revolutionized the look of portable tents. The StarShade tent stands out amongst its fellow tents with its unique look, the perfect alternative to the square four-post canopy tent. One customer even referred to it as being “amazing and so sweet to look at”. Shade is something you are going to be seeking while spending a week in the desert and the StarShade will have you covered. With our single center pole, you can choose from 3 sizes, each covering you with adequate amount of shade.

The StarShade is multi-functional and could be perfect for your next event, check out our website for more details!

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3 Branding Strategies to use!

Making the list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands by Forbes is a pretty big deal for companies. Branding in general isn’t always easy but these companies have excelled at differentiating their product from competitors. Branding will make or break your business.  We are proud to supply some of these businesses with custom, eye-catching kanopies for events all over the world and today we want to give you 3 branding strategies to use that big companies use too.

 Share Your Story

Brand story telling is the reason your business came to be. Sharing stories with people actually has scientific research that backs it up as being a powerful tool and one of the best ways to brand your business. Stories create trust and trust creates business. Here’s more on the research. What can you do to share your story? Get on Facebook and share what inspires your company or tell a visual story, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Be Present in Your Community

When you brand your business, you want to bring customers to you, this is your goal. We can’t think of a better way than being present in your community. Get out there and be known. If you can get your community to share their experiences with your brand, you will be in good shape.  A good way to do this? Generate hashtags on social media or create a video clip of glowing customer reviews. Here’s a great tool to get you started with video testimonials.

Stay Consistent

A cohesive brand image goes a long way. Look at Coca-Cola, a brand that has been recognized worldwide for decades. Every piece of their marketing works together in a beautifully, unified way. When we say consistent, we mean make sure that everything that has to do with your image or your brand enhances your image or brand in a cohesive way. How can you do this? Start with keeping your colors the same. Check out how important this is. Or come up with a social media schedule, create a consistent posting schedule so that your social media accounts don’t dry up. Hootsuite with help you get serious about your social media.


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3 Pop Up Canopy Loving Sports

Last week, we were all about the Olympics and this week we have been sharing pictures from clients who’s fall sports start this next week. Sports are all around us and it’s a great reminder that our pop up canopies make for the perfect gathering place for your team and your fans. Here are 3 sports that especially utilize our pop up canopies.

Cross Country/Track: Cross country is getting ready to start at different schools across the country and if your team doesn’t already have a pop up canopy, you may want to rethink your decision. Cross country meets are always outside which means you are most likely going to run into some weather. Even if you don’t, chances are you want to be protected from the sunshine. With a KD Kanopy, you are sure to provide your team & and your fans with complete protection.


Swimiming: Swim season may not be until later but swim meets are a perfect time for a pop up kanopy. Represent your team by gathering under a high quality kanopy in the stands of the pool.  Feel free to ditch the solid color canopies and go with a more personalized look. Show off your team spirit by getting a personalized canopy with your team logo and colors. It’s a perfect gathering place. And if you’re recruiting for your team, you can use this to attract new swimmers. With your team name and logo on your personalized canopy, you are sure to stand out in a sea of solid colors.

 Football: Think tailgating here. We have the perfect option for you. Our canopies are simple and sturdy, making set up, party time, and take down a breeze. Make sure your friends can find you in the parking lot by creating a custom look. You may or may not like it, but you could become the focal point of the tailgate. Plus, the weather will be the last thing on your mind as you play games, eat food and drink drinks. Our pop up canopies are sure to provide you from the wind/rain/snow/sun.

Check out our Interactive Tent Designer to get an idea of the options and possibilities you have with KD Kanopy.


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