The Hexagon Shade by KD Kanopy

A shade shaped like a hexagon you say? We say you betcha!  We get so much praise on all of our uniquely shaped tents that we thought we’d keep it up with the KD Kanopy Hexagon. Sure, we love our square shaped tents, but sometimes you just want to stand out.

Other than its unique shape, what does the Hexagon have to offer? For starters, you get 81-square feet of hexagonal shade. Your Hexagon’s top can come in any one of 13 bold colors or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, we have full-cover digital printing. That means your top could be your little league team logo, work logo, or anything your imagination can come up with.

Remember hearing us talk about how easy set up is with all of our canopies? Well we mean it. Again. KD Kanopy is the inventor and sole manufacturer of the Hexagon, which is exactly why its aluminum frame is stronger and lighter than traditional steel framed canopies. Not to mention we use 16 gauge aluminum so you don’t have to worry about rust? And of course, it only takes two people.

If you’re so intrigued by our description of the Hexagon that you have to get one for yourself right now, you can rest assured that there is zero assembly necessary when it arrives at your doorstep. No, seriously. The Hexagon can be set up immediately without the use of any pesky tools or ropes. Contact us today to get your hexagon shaped canopy!

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KD Kanopy: New Year, New Specials!

Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. We want to help make it even better by offering 30% off ALL digitally printed canopies. That includes side panels, rail curtains, and table covers. This offer is good through January 31st, so act fast!

Using digital printing, every square inch of your canopy can be covered. Your logo can be as large as your tent, whether it’s a StarTwin or a PartyShade, and the colors at your disposal are limitless. Looking for a “blood orange” to perfectly match your logo or “lime green” to compliment your brand colors? Whatever color you’re looking for, digital printing can reproduce. With digital printing, your custom canopy can truly be customized to your specifications.

We use the EFI VUTEk GS5000r Digital Printer to get that perfect digital imagery every time. It takes skill, precision and an amazing piece of machinery! The EFI VUTek GS5000r’s  quality and accuracy ensures we get that flawless finish every time. Watch it in action, it’s pretty cool.

KD Kanopy manufactures high-quality, custom pop up canopies and digital signage for a wide-range of corporate and individual clients. Our products are easily customizable with digital or screen printing. Looking to stand out in the crowd? Go to KD Kanopy for your custom canopy needs.

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Flawless Printing: How Do We Do It?

Printing quality is essential when shopping around for a canopy or other marketing materials. This is a representation of your brand and business.  In order to deliver top quality results, we use a digital printer called the  EFI VUTEk GS5000r. It is  impeccable for it’s quality and accuracy, so you can be sure you will get the best finished product, every time.  Below are some of the printing techniques we use in-house.

  • Manual screen printing – layering ink down on the fabric by hand and then baking the ink so that it adheres to the fabric.

  • Digital Screen- able to print a white plate on colored fabrics, new technology, able to run 3 rolls at one time

  • Full Digital – able to print hundreds of different colors and gradients, covers the entire fabric in printing. See the printer in action below!

The five-meter, roll-to-roll UV printer offers enough print modes to conquer point of purchase products as well as high image quality and high production canopies, billboards and banners. The EFI VUTEk GS5000r comes with features that allow us to expand our printing capabilities, so we can help you grow your business and differentiate yourself from the competition. The information below is from

Features & Specifications include:

  • Uncompromised versatility, superior quality and industrial speed with eight-color plus white switchable to Fast 4™ technology.

  • Switches easily between mesh and vinyl.

  • Offers multi-roll printing on two or three rolls simultaneously.

  • Available with optional double-sided printing capability.

  • Reduces labor with automatic print head maintenance.

  • Has user friendly GUI with cropping, tiling and layout functions.

  • Cradle style winders ensure easy material load and unload.


  • Has gray level print heads that output up to 2800 ft²/hr (260 m²/hr).

  • Offers dual resolution of true 600 dpi (24pL) or 1000 dpi (12pL).

  • Prints up to max media thickness of .125 inches (3 mm) and up to max media width of 198 inches (5.0 meters).

Trust the experts here at KD Kanopy. We promise you’re in very capable hands!

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Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

Happy New Years Everyone! 2015 was good to us and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016. We want to say thank you to all of our customers and friends for a wonderful year. We couldn’t do it without you! Here we rounded up some tips that guarantee a top notch new years Eve!

1. Celebrate with close friends or family

New Year’s Eve can be stressful for a lot of people out there. But it shouldn’t be. It’s all about celebrating an awesome year and welcoming positive changes in the year to come. Partying with a bunch of strangers makes it difficult to reflect on what you loved most about the last year and how you can make it better. Being around people you love makes the night that much more memorable and special!

2. Drink responsibly

It’s easy to get carried away on New Year’s. It is cause for celebration after all! But ringing in the new year with a hangover doesn’t sound like our idea of a good time. Drink water in between drink and make sure you stick with one type of alcohol all night. And please, no drinking and driving!

 3. Keep your expectations in check

This night often comes with some high expectations. It’s ok to expect to have a great time, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t get that midnight kiss or the party you are at isn’t what you expected. If you go into it with an open mind and realize that this night is only one night of many more to come over the year. You have plenty of time to make 2016 your best year yet!

 4. If you are going to throw a shindig, make sure you do it right!

Throwing a party at your place? Awesome! Make sure you have the perfect set up. KD Kanopy offers a service bar that is perfect for a quick bar set up. Start whipping up the perfect cocktails for your guests with this complete setup. It includes shelves, a cooler and umbrella. Full-color graphics and a wheel bag for storage are included. This unit is easy to setup, easy to clean, and easy to store!

Have a safe, happy and healthy New Year’s! We look forward to making more memories with you all in 2016.

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Our Caught Off Guard Moments at Sports Authority Field!

It is always Broncos mania in the mile high city. Here we take a look back at one of our “Caught Off Guard” videos from last year. The KD Kanopy crew headed out to the tailgate for our first episode of Caught Off Guard. Carri Wilbanks, asks fans bogus questions. Watch as they pretend to also know that Matt Prater is out for a minor toothache, that Peyton Manning is benched for the game and that the NFL has decided to put couches on the sidelines starting next season.

Here are some non-bogus trivia questions to test your knowledge!

Q: 5 Broncos scored at least 10 touchdowns last year (not including Peyton Manning). Name them.

A: Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Knowshon Moreno.

Q: The Denver Broncos broke a number of records last season. Which of these had stood for the longest prior to being broken?

A: The record for longest field goal. Before Prater broke it, it had been in place since 1970.

Q: Last season’s NFL playoffs featured two of the Broncos’ division rivals, the Chargers and the Chiefs. However, the broncos have a chance to play another former division rival. Which playoff team used to be a member of the AFC West?

A: The Seattle Seahawks. They were an AFC west team from 1977-2001.

Q: The Denver Broncos have two mascots. Can you name them?

A: Miles (the guy in the suit) and Thunder (the actual horse).

Q: Where is breakout quarterback Brock Osweiler from?

A: Montana

Now you know!

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Customer Service in the New Year

Customer service is always a high priority for KD Kanopy and in the new year, we will continue to provide the best service and canopies around. Thanks to our 4-touch customer service process, stable pricing, comprehensive warranty and dedicated sales team, we strive to not just satisfy but truly wow our customers. But, don’t just take our word for it…here is what a few of our clients had to say:

Here are a few pictures of our tent! We have loved the tent so far, thank you.



KD Kanopy Tent


The picture of the new tent is perfect.  We plan to set it up at our scheduled crab feed in mid February, at the Veterans Hall.  We will show off our new tent to 340 community attendees, including several merchants from Sonoma.We like your product.




Thank you, we have received our order on time, and it looked great as we need it exactly, and we may order another one later. We used it for our event; it was really raining and freezing here in Chicago. So thank you again for the excellent customer service you had, and on getting our canopy on time.



We have been using the structure for a Farmers Market in the street. Here is a picture from last summer.



Have a tent or canopy need? Ordered from us before? We want your feedback! Let us know about your experience, and/or how we can make your next order even better.

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2015 Highlights and December Offer

It’s official, 2015 is coming to a close. To celebrate a wonderful year, we are offering a 10×10 digital print PartyShade with digital print table cover or side panel for $999! It’s our way of saying thank you to all of our current and potential customers!

2015 has truly been a great year for us as KD Kanopy. Here we take a look back at some of our best moments of the year!

KD Kanopy Cares for Kids Charity Golf Tournament

Our annual charity golf tournament took place on July 13th, 2015 and we couldn’t be more happy with the results! This years event benefited Kids Mobility Network. This is an annual event for us and we can’t thank Kids Mobility Network enough for working with us year after year.. You can read the full article here!

2015 Conventions and TradeShows

The 2015 International Franchise Association 55th Annual Convention

The IFA Convention is one of the biggest events for franchising, franchise management, franchise and distribution, distribution commerce, merchandise, business and entrepreneurship spots. This is an annual event that we often attend and it always proves to be great for networking and building upon the relationships we have with our current franchising clients.

2015 National Restaurant Association: Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show

The NRA show is a four day showcase of all things culinary. There will be education sessions as well as keynote speakers consisting of world famous chefs including Elizabeth Falkner, Robert Irvine, Maneet Chauhan and many more! The hospitality industry brings their A game to this event by showcasing up and coming trends in the food/restaurant, and hotel/motel industries.

United Franchise Group World Expo

This Expo is another great franchising event we get to attend in 2015. Along with the IFA, the UFG brings together some of the biggest franchises in the world into one giant room in the grand Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. This three and a half day expo allows us to speak with clients directly and see their canopy in action, as well as address any needs that come up during these events such as set-up and teardown time. Read the full post here.

Veterans Golf Tournament

This  Veterans Day, we were proud sponsors of the Veterans Golf Association tournament that took place on November 8-11th at Pinehurst Golf Course in North Carolina. The Veterans Golfers Association has made it their mission to help veterans stay active through the game of golf. KD Kanopy is a proud supporter of our Veterans and this was a fun way to get out and show our support as well as our love of golf! Read the full article.

Contact us today and chat about what we can do for your business or charity!

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Canopies for Government & Military

Government and Military entities need reliable and quality gear no matter what. KD Kanopy is a solution provider of instant canopies, quick set-up tents and shelters, banners and digital signage. We provide global distribution, and prides ourselves in quick fulfillment of quality products delivered on time and on budget. KD Kanopy is the most respected name in the industry.

We have more than 25 years of military tent and shelter production experience for both the Federal Government, U.S. Armed Forces and commercial customers. Our industrial-strength, commercial-grade products are largely used throughout the event and promotion industries and also in the government and military arenas. We specialize in the production of superior performing shelters using industrial fabrics and state-of-the-art production technologies and have both screen printing and all-over digital printing capabilities.

With easy online access, you can get contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order through GSA Advantage, a menu-driven database system. We are committed to following strict procedures and have set very high quality standards.  KD Kanopy’s commitment to supplying quality shelters to the U.S. Military, government institutes, and private companies worldwide cannot be beat. We stand behind all of our tent and shelter products with a full customer satisfaction guarantee and a warranty that is superior to all others.

Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs.

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Many thanks from KD Kanopy!

We want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have much to be thankful for, we know we do. We couldn’t be more grateful to our customers. We love getting to see their businesses thrive and enjoy getting to know them on a more personal level. The KD Kanopy crew believes building authentic, personal relationships is still the best way to do business.  Continue reading to get to know us a little better too!

In the early 90s, KD Kanopy created the first ever StarShade canopy, which revolutionized the look of portable event tents. For 20 years, until our patent expired, we were the sole provider for single-pole tension canopies. Some other manufacturers have copied our design, but have never been able to match our quality.

Our innovative products use the latest materials and technologies, making them reliable and easy to use. You are guaranteed smooth operation with no binding. On the rare occasion when you may break a component of your KD Kanopy, replacement parts are available and easily replaceable.

KD’s quality control is of utmost importance to us. This is why we do all of our screen and digital printing in-house . We love what we do and we do it right.

Thank you to all that have supported us through the years!

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KD Kanopy: BackDrop Banner

Looking to add more pizzazz to your display booth? It’s time to take your tradeshow exhibit to the next level. With our custom printing offers, you can print your favorite scene or present huge, larger-than-life images of your best products or services on a KD Kanopy BackDrop banner. It is extremely portable and compact to make it easy for traveling from show to show.


• Tradeshow Clips

• Minimal Assembly

• Sets up in 30 seconds

• For indoor use

• Full-coverage digital printing

• 8′ high, 10′ wide

• Polyester fabric is strong and lightweight

• Water resistant &  fire retardant


1-year Manufacturer Defect Warranty

Contact us today so see how we can turn your tired old trade show stand into something great!

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