3 Pop Up Canopy Loving Sports

Last week, we were all about the Olympics and this week we have been sharing pictures from clients who’s fall sports start this next week. Sports are all around us and it’s a great reminder that our pop up canopies make for the perfect gathering place for your team and your fans. Here are 3 sports that especially utilize our pop up canopies.

Cross Country/Track: Cross country is getting ready to start at different schools across the country and if your team doesn’t already have a pop up canopy, you may want to rethink your decision. Cross country meets are always outside which means you are most likely going to run into some weather. Even if you don’t, chances are you want to be protected from the sunshine. With a KD Kanopy, you are sure to provide your team & and your fans with complete protection.


Swimiming: Swim season may not be until later but swim meets are a perfect time for a pop up kanopy. Represent your team by gathering under a high quality kanopy in the stands of the pool.  Feel free to ditch the solid color canopies and go with a more personalized look. Show off your team spirit by getting a personalized canopy with your team logo and colors. It’s a perfect gathering place. And if you’re recruiting for your team, you can use this to attract new swimmers. With your team name and logo on your personalized canopy, you are sure to stand out in a sea of solid colors.

 Football: Think tailgating here. We have the perfect option for you. Our canopies are simple and sturdy, making set up, party time, and take down a breeze. Make sure your friends can find you in the parking lot by creating a custom look. You may or may not like it, but you could become the focal point of the tailgate. Plus, the weather will be the last thing on your mind as you play games, eat food and drink drinks. Our pop up canopies are sure to provide you from the wind/rain/snow/sun.

Check out our Interactive Tent Designer to get an idea of the options and possibilities you have with KD Kanopy.


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Follow These Olympic Social Media Accounts!

The Rio Olympics 2016 have taken over social media this week & here, we are sharing our favorite accounts to follow. Keep in mind, social media is key to both big events like this one as well as businesses, both big and small. Using social media to market your company is the perfect way to engage your customers and create more traffic to your site. In today’s world, everyone is connected through their mobile device. These connections create so many opportunities, word of mouth is a biggie these days. Anyways, follow these Olympic accounts, we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Also…do you ever wonder about those blue check marks next to names of people on Facebook or Twitter accounts? It means the account has been verified as either being the real person or a legal representative. Here’s some more info.

Follow these Facebook accounts:

NBC Olympics because it’s everything you need to know about Rio. Plus, get exclusive content and interviews that they don’t show on T.V.

Michael Phelps because he’s the most decorated Olympic athlete to ever live and we get to witness his magic.

April Ross because she’s the real deal and she’s competing alongside the legendary Kerri Walsh Jennings.

Follow these Twitter accounts:

Rio 2016 (@Rio2016_rn) because they have all the news to fill you in during the day, in a quick way.

Matthew Centrowitz (@MattCentrowitz) because he’s fast and really funny. He will be competing in the 1500 m (which he can run in less than 4 minutes!) and his tweets will keep you laughin all day.

Jake Dalton (@jake_dalton) because he gives us a firsthand view of what it takes to compete in the Olympics.

Follow these Instagram accounts:

Jim Bell (@jfb) because he’s the Executive Producer of the NBC Olympics, talk about behind the scenes!

Tony Azevedo (@tonyazevedo8) because he was born in Rio but raised in CA, his pictures are great.

Miles Chamley-Watson (@mchamleywatson) because he’s a fencer and a model, what more could you want to see as you cruise through your feed?

Didn’t see your favorite athlete on our list? Here’s some more to check out!

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Craft beer is taking over local towns and taps and there is no slowdown in sight for these small and independent businesses. The brewery world is a fun one, full of tasters, pints and growlers, beer gardens, tours and socializing. Towns across America are filling up with breweries and marketing these breweries really matters. Today we share with you 3 ways to do it better.

Tell Your Story

Start here before you worry too much about which websites you will be advertising on or what your social media strategy will be. People love to know the story behind the beer they’re drinking before they buy the t-shirt of the beer they already drank. Your background, your story, your legacy will help you stand out from the crowd. Most likely, you are starting a brewery for a reason. Share those reasons and latch on to your customers. Our clients at Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, CO have a great story about how their business has been created and shaped over the years.

Use social media

This may seem like the obvious one and that’s because it is. Social media is as popular as craft breweries and if you’re not connected, you’re going to lose out. Social media gets people talking and if your social media strategy is creative enough, people will be talking about you. Plus, social media allows you to share posts, maybe you decide to have a contest for a gift card or you can hold events like a run club. Sharing these posts allow for them to be seen by more people, more people equals more business. You can also use hashtags, post your tap list to Facebook every day and get people to tag pictures of your beer on Instagram. Here’s 10 beer brands that are rockin the social media scene.

 Be Present Outside of the Brewery

The more your community sees your brand outside of the brewery, the more likely they are to venture to your brewery for a beer. Maybe you could partner with a food truck during a local festival. Beer and food go hand-in-hand so why not help each other out? Or you could sponsor a local sports team. We recommend sticking with the adult sports teams like softball, soccer or basketball. This is a great way to promote your brewery and you can extend it by having them over for a beer after the game.

Being creative with your marketing can make all the difference in such a crowded field. Here’s some more ideas about how to promote your brewery , these ones are free!



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Our company aims to help you attract customers to yours. We will help your brand come alive when you chose to have us create a kanopy for your business. But, we don’t stop there. Not only will we provide you with a tent that will last and give a good return on your investment, but we also have a variety of accessories that will compliment your kanopy in a show stopping way.

This week we have been showcasing companies that have the complete set up, kanopy and all. Here, we are sharing a little bit more about each accessory that we offer so that you can outfit your kanopy and wow the crowds.

Side Panels  help enclose your kanopy, channel traffic flow, and provide extra protection from the weather. It’s a great way to add some versatility to your StarShade, Majestic or PartyShade tent. Hooking the side panels on to your kanopy is quick and easy with the hook-and-loop attachments but for an extra cost, we can make your side panels with zipper attachments. Choose from 17 bold colors or have us custom print your logo to the panel.

Rail Curtains  will also give you that partial enclosure and will help channel traffic but they also allow customers to see inside your tent. They stand 30” high and are easy to attach with brackets and telescoping rails that will work with 5’, 8’ and 10’ kanopy leg spans. Again, choose from 17 bold colors or have yours custom printed.

Our custom table covers  will leave a lasting impression on your customers. They are collapsible, fully fitted and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Choose from 4’, 6’ or 8’ and 17 different colors, or of course, have us custom print for your set up. Like the rest of our branding products, the table covers are water-resistant, fire-retardant and UV-protected. Don’t be setting your awesome product out on a drab table any more.

Chalet Tops  are the perfect way to add pizzazz to your pop-up tent. They are compatible with any of our 10’x 10’ pop-up frames, making them a popular choice. Choose your fabric to be a solid color or custom printed. Either way, the fabric is a one-piece skin that extends the entire length of the legs and is strong, lightweight, water-resistant, fire-retardant and UV-protected.

Weight Bags ensure the stability of your kanopy and are specially designed for this use. Our pop-up, portable canopies need to be properly secured and you need to protect your investment. These weight bags do just that in a simple way. Don’t bother with finding soft enough ground to stake your tent in to, weight bags let you set up on any surface. Choose from our 2 variations, water or sand filled, both weighing 30 pounds when full.

Our hard case  will protect your kanopy frame while you take it from place to place. Not only does it help protect this investment during transit but it is a great way to store it while it’s not in use and it is UPS-shippable so you know your frame will arrive to its destination unharmed. It is tough, roto-molded polyethylene, has easy to hold handles for carrying or rolling and will fit any of our PartyShade pop-up canopies.

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3 Reasons Why a KD Kanopy is a Great Investment

All week we have been sharing winter inspired photos of our canopies in action, hopefully you enjoyed the cool down. As wild as it was to see winter pop up in July, it was a good reminder that it is never too early to start planning for the rest of your year’s events. A high quality pop up canopy is a great investment to make for your business. Check out our 3 reasons why.

1.It’s a Lifelong Investment

Having a canopy for your business will come in handy when it’s time for tradeshows, conventions or other events where you can market yourself.  Stand out of the crowd and impress the passerby’s with a canopy that shows off your logo. When it comes to the construction of the canopy, it’s important to buy nice so you don’t have to buy twice. There are a lot of buying options out there but with a KD kanopy or tent you are getting the best in materials and technology. They are reliable and easy to use. Set up at your next event in less than 20 minutes and when it’s time to pack up, know that the whole structure will fit into your trunk. It’s easy. Having a tent that will last you while is well worth the money, and it will save you the hassle of having to replace it year after year, it’s a win win.

2.Look good, feel good.

Canopies are a great tool to use if you want to be noticed. Here’s the thing, a lot of people are figuring this out. Be the company that people notice first and forget last when they are walking the rows at a tradeshow. With a KD kanopy, you can show off your logo or your team colors.

Whatever you do to display yourself, look the part. First impressions are everything and it’s becoming more and more important to be unique. A cheap tent is going to put off a cheap vibe. Make a statement with a branding product that grabs the attention of everyone

3. It’s all in the printing…and we know how to do it.

When it comes to printing there are 2 common options: screen & digital. One isn’t better than the other. Both processes are going to give you the end result that you want, it’s really a matter of opinion and necessity. If you are interested in getting printing done on your next KD kanopy, check out our tips for determining which method will work best for you.

  • Is your company logo simple? Are you looking for something with just two or three colors? Then screen printing could be the way to go and prove to be more cost-effective.
  •  Are you an artist? Or is your brand bold? Digital printing uses “inkjet type” printers capable of printing complex designs, photographs and colors on your entire canopy top. If you want to show off your work or stand out in a crowd, digital printing might be the best route to take.
  • One important determining factor in digital versus screen printing is budget. In general, digital printing is more costly than screen printing. Because one of the main costs associated with screen printing are the screens themselves, by reducing colors or cross-purposing screens, we can help lower the cost of your screen printing project.

We encourage you to be selective with the printing. To each their own with this, it all depends on the canopy and the customer.

Visit our website to view all of our pop-up canopies, tents, and other branding tools that you can use for your business today!


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This testimonial will leave you wanting to explore your surroundings on this hot summer day, hopefully for some summer time wildflower blooms! Our client, the Florida Wildflower Foundation, uses their pop up canopy as an eye catching display at local festivals and events. They are pleased with their purchase and always, we are pleased with their review.

Our canopy is still doing great! We get comments from other vendors attending festivals on how nice and sturdy the structure is. Most everything else we’ve seen is flimsy.”-Florida Wildflower Foundation

We are lucky, our clients are always doing good for their communities. The Florida Wildflower Foundation, a non-profit organization, proves that to be true yet again. Their mission is “to enrich lives with Florida’s native wildflowers”. They do this through education, planting and research projects. They are able to fund this great work using sales from their state wildflower license plate. In the last 16 years, they have received $3 million in donations, amazing!

Wild flowers are pretty special and are uniquely important to ecosystems. If you are lucky to live in Florida, click here to get some great resources to help you grow wildflowers that will be best for your specific landscape. Live somewhere else? Check out Wildflowers Across North America for great recommendations and knowledge. Perhaps you are the type who would rather take in their beauty without doing the work of gardening. Here are the best places to see wildflowers around the United States.  Happy gardening!


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Testimonial Thursday: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

It’s Testimonial Thursday and you know what that means. Time to share a little something from a happy client. We are always excited to hear that our clients are pleased with their purchase and we are proud to keep leading this industry. We would love to see your pictures of your canopies in action!

 There is something to be said for groups of people who strive to make the world a better place. Today’s testimonial comes from a group who does just that, The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta Chapter.

 We highly recommend KD Kanopy! They pay attention to detail, provide quality merchandise and are fast and reliable. We debut our canopy this weekend and it was well received. THANK YOU!

 This sorority has a rich history of providing excellence to their surrounding communities. It was started back in early 1920 when there was unrest because of The Klan. On a happier note, the Harlem Renaissance was creating a cultural center out of Harlem where black artists, poets, magicians, scholars and photographers were expressing their creativity. With all the unrest of this decade, including The Great Depression, the sorority was founded and they were excited to acknowledge problems in society, prejudices and poverty that was affecting groups, especially the black community. Their programs continue to provide national and international assistance to communities in need.


The Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta Chapter of this sorority is located in Yonkers, NY and serves the West Bronx & South Westchester Counties. This audacious group of women are hardworking and full of fun. Speaking of fun, this group of women is active in various programs and festivals throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for them to show off their sorority using a KD branding tool.  Check out our site for all the options.  On July 24th they are hosting an incredible event, the Amazing Sunset Soiree. Sounds like a night full of food and drink, a D.J., a Jazz Band, a raffle and door prizes…a night you don’t want to miss. Get your tickets here.


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Our Hot Summer Marketing Tips

Summer is in full swing and with The Fourth of July right around the corner, now is the perfect time to share our hottest summer marketing tips. People are off enjoying vacations which might leave your business feeling pinched for revenue. With traffic down, it’s time to turn up the heat with your marketing. Here are our 3 favorite and hottest ways to go about it.

 Have fun with Crazy & Wacky Days

Of course, Fourth of July is a summer staple. Who doesn’t love to play outside all day with their family and then watch a spectacular firework show to kick off the night? It can be a tough time for marketing though. You just need to get creative, make sure you have mobile sites and partner up. Of course, it never hurts to go extra patriotic. Check out these fun patriotic 4th of July marketing ideas (https://thrivehive.com/4th-of-july-marketing-campaigns-and-promotions). You can celebrate all kinds of wacky days this summer. Create some fun (and funny) themed contents to celebrate in store and online. There’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Fresh Veggies Day, World Jugglers Days, Cheer up the Lonely Day, Hammock Day, the list goes on and on. Actually, there’s a fun and wacky thing to celebrate every day this summer. Check out this list or make up your own day!

Let the Temperature Take Control of Things

Summer gets hot, people want to cool down. Help them out. Fans, water bottles, drink cozies and other promo items are perfect for summer marketing. Don’t be afraid to be generous. Go to those busy ‘hot spots’ in your area…beaches, pools, high traffic areas, the skate park, trails, summer attractions. Set up a spot where people will notice you. This is where a KD Kanopy Teardrop Banner or Spinning Dart would be perfect, or a pop-up canopy of course…check out our different options here. This way, you are maximizing your exposure without spending too much. You could even launch a discount based on how high the temps climb.

 Get Involved in Local Events

You may have already noticed, but summer time is a great time for big outdoor events and festivals. No matter where you live, we bet your community agrees. We cannot think of a better time to capture your business interacting with happy, smiling customers than in the summer. So, get out to those fairs, concerts, and other happenings and captivate people. Get as involved as you can. Maybe this means you are handing out pamphlets or business cards or maybe you want to put your pop-up canopy in a place where you can interact with potential customers. Personalize your business, tell your story and of course, get some networking in. This is all going to depend on the nature of the event and your budget…as we’ve said before…get creative. And if you want to explore more benefits of local event marketing check this out. 

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The 80s Called….They Don’t Want Their Marketing Back

Let’s face it, you can’t afford to not market your business. Marketing is to business as sun is to flowers; without it, you’re going to see very little growth.

 KD Kanopy loves to help businesses advertise themselves with our branding products. We started back in 1983, when marketing was marching to a different beat, a neon colored, pop-music, totally radical beat, to the max.

 Today, we are throwing it back to the 80s and taking a look at how marketing has changed and how important it is to make sure your marketing isn’t giving off vibes from 30 years ago.

A lot of great trends surfaced in the 1980s: Cabbage Patch Kids, Pac Man, Jellies, Madonna, it was a decade of fun but marketing rarely made that fun list. Actually, it was pretty rare for a company to even have a marketing department at all.

Eventually, people knew that if they got creative, their business would grow. The economy started off slow in the 80s but eventually catalogs and magazines were the best way to get your product in front of people until advertising on TV became King, which marked the beginning of the digital age. From here, there was no turning back.

Today, marketing is all about the Internet: Email, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Which is why, if your business doesn’t connect to social media accounts, etc. you should rethink your strategy. You must stay relevant. You must use technology. Here are our favorite ways to do so:

  1. Be phone friendly…people use their smartphones to check email, browse the web and get on to their social media accounts during the day. Make sure your website is mobile friendly or you’re going to lose traffic. Here’s a tool to get you started with making a mobile site.
  2. Market through email…narrow down the info being sent to your customer by giving them what they want, no extra fluff. MailChimp is a great tool to help you with this. Plus, you are guaranteed to land in an inbox which is why this is one area you should not neglect.
  3. Social media…use it the right way, it can hurt or help your business. It’s easy and affordable but you have to be creative with your posts in order for people to stop and actually read them. Need some ideas? Check out this list by Forbes.

The 1980s were great to us in a lot of ways, but the times have really changed. Now its 2016, make sure your marketing is keeping up!

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Testimonial Thursday: Michigan War Dog Memorial, Inc.

We will never get tired of hearing about how much our clients enjoy their canopies, tents or other branding tools. It makes us proud and grateful to lead this industry and help you get your business in front of people.

 Here is great testimonial from our friends at the Michigan War Dog Memorial, Inc.

 ”The canopy we purchased from KD Kanopy has worked very well for us. It’s easy to set up and take down. The structure is solid. We love it.”-Michigan War Dog Memorial, Inc.

 The folks at The Michigan War Dog Memorial, Inc. stand for a very worthy cause, they are all about K-9’s that serve and protect us. A non-profit organization who aims to increase people’s knowledge of how important K-9’s are to our armed forces, they strive to educate their communities and the ones around them  They do this through different seminars and presentations. In their PSA video on their website, they mention that War Dogs have been actively serving our country since WWI, now that is impressive! Check out this great clip and more information about this organization here.

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