Colorado is home to a plethora of craft breweries these days, 334 to be exact, the 2nd most in the nation. It’s an industry that saw only growth in the year 2016 and it doesn’t look like much slow down is in the future. According to The Know in The Denver Post, “more than 2 new breweries open every day and IPAs rank as the most popular style.”

We are proud to say that one of our long-time clients & good friends, Oskar Blues Brewing, is ranked 2nd on the list of the 10 Largest Colorado Craft Breweries of 2016.

Based in Longmont, CO, a town located a short drive north west of Denver, produced 201,000 barrels in the year 2016. That’s a lot of beer, folks! It’s just over 6.2 million gallons of the good stuff. Dale’s Pale Ale, a crowd favorite of theirs, was the best-selling 6 pack of craft beer in 2016 and helped the brewery get into all 50 states for their very 1st time. Bravo!

The future of Oskar Blues Brewing is looking bright, indeed. They are ringing in their 20th anniversary this year with plans of expansion both internationally and in the states as they will have 3 breweries scattered across the country (in Colorado, North Carolina & Texas). Recently, Cigar City Brewing, out of Florida, joined the team which allows Oskar Blues to add new brands to its line-up of tasty brews.

It’s hard to talk about Oskar Blues without mentioning another huge part of their culture, their Can’d Aid Foundation. Their mission is strong: to make a difference where they can. They focus their “do-goodery” efforts on supporting towns, tunes, trails + treads. Find out more about their outstanding efforts and learn how you can play a part in the goodness here.

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Summer officially starts next week & The Fourth of July is the next holiday on the horizon. We think now is a great time to share our hottest summer marketing tips. People may be off enjoying vacations which could leave your business feeling pinched for revenue. With traffic down, it’s time to turn up the heat with your marketing. Your business could be cool if you market these hot ways!

 Get Involved in Local Events

You may have already noticed, but summertime is a great time for big outdoor events and festivals. No matter where you live, we bet your community agrees. We cannot think of a better time to capture your business interacting with happy, smiling customers than in the summer. So, get out to those fairs, concerts, and other happenings and captivate people. Get as involved as you can. Maybe this means you are handing out pamphlets or business cards or maybe you want to put your pop-up canopy in a place where you can interact with potential customers. Personalize your business, tell your story and of course, get some networking in. This is all going to depend on the nature of the event and your budget…as we’ve said before…get creative. And if you want to explore more benefits of local event marketing, check this out.

Have fun with Wacky Events

Of course, Fourth of July is a summer staple. Who doesn’t love to play outside all day with their family and then watch a spectacular firework show to kick off the night? It can be a tough time for marketing though. You just need to get creative, make sure you have mobile sites and partner up. Of course, it never hurts to go extra patriotic. Check out these fun patriotic 4th of July marketing ideas . You can celebrate all kinds of wacky days this summer. Create some fun (and funny) themed contents to celebrate in store and online. There’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Fresh Veggies Day, World Jugglers Days, Cheer up the Lonely Day, Hammock Day, the list goes on and on. Actually, there’s a fun and wacky thing to celebrate every day this summer. Check out this list or make up your own day!

Let the Temperature Take Control of Things

Summer gets hot, people want to cool down. Help them out. Fans, water bottles, drink cozies and other promotional items are perfect for summer marketing. Don’t be afraid to be generous. Go to those typical ‘hot spots’ in your town…beaches, pools, high traffic areas, the skate park, trails, summer attractions. Set up a spot where people will notice you. This is where a KD Kanopy Teardrop Banner or Spinning Dart would be perfect, or a pop-up canopy of course…check out our different options here. This way, you are maximizing your exposure without spending much. You could even launch a discount based on how high the temps climb.

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For the remaining days of June, stop by our website to take advantage of a special that is sure to heat up your marketing efforts this summer.

Our company helps your company, business, or team get noticed. Summer is a great opportunity to network as festivals, markets & outdoor community events are popular. Let us help you make a lasting impression this month with a special you won’t find anywhere else. Buy any one of our industry leading digitally printed kanopys and frame and you will receive 2 medium, single-sided banner flags for FREE!

Any of our kanopys! You have all kinds of options to fit your needs and your budget.  Here are the kanopies you can choose from: 

Any of these kanopies are going to give you a good return on your investment. We have been manufacturing these show stopping kanopies since 1984 which means you get the assurance that your tent will be around for years to come (as will our business).

With this special,  you will also receive 2 FREE Banner Flags that can be used to enhance your branding. No doubt will they help you make a unique and vibrant statement that will catch your customer’s attention. Standing 11’ feet high, the medium single-sided flags that come FREE with this deal can be placed in front of stores, auto dealers, restaurants, bars, and special events with no problems. Your banner will come with hardware, a carry bag, ground spikes and a hard-surface stand.

It’s time to take advantage of our June special. Your summer marketing will be happy that you did. And remember, since we manufacture our own frames and do all of our sewing and printing in-house, we can offer you same-day and next-day rush delivery options.

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Our world-class canopies are perfect for companies & businesses to get their brand noticed by a lot of people. Whether it’s at markets, tradeshows or conventions, our Star Shade design will especially help you stand out of a crowd. With a unique shape and an easy setup, it’s no wonder they are a top seller.

Star Shades can be used for a variety of events, you just need to think outside the box. Here, we revisit with you some uses for Star Shades that maybe you haven’t thought of yet.

1. Use them as a stage.

Our StarStage 550 design perfectly creates a covered stage for outdoor concerts or other shows. With great acoustics and sightlines for an audience, this canopy will wow your crowd. It stands 21 feet high, gives you 550 square feet of covered space, and requires a 55-foot diameter set up. Speaking of set up, this one is simple and quick. In twenty minutes, you’ll be up and running. Break down is easy too. The whole stage folds down into 3 bags that will fit nicely into the trunk of your vehicle. We are proud to remain the only manufacturer of the Star Stage and hope that brings music to your ears.

2.Add some flair to your next outdoor party.

Our StarShade is incredibly unique to the canopy industry and looks really cool when you add it to an event like a wedding or other outdoor party. You can set them up with ground stakes or with our new Star Shade plates, that allow you to set them up on a flat surface. Either way, your guests will love the way they look. They create fabulous gathering places that will keep you and your guests out of the elements. With a few different options for sizes and colors, we know that you will find the perfect one for your special event.

 3. Provide your group with some shade.

As its name suggests, an ample amount of shade is provided with this type of canopy. Set it up at the lake or even in your backyard to get some relief from the rising temps. With a quick and easy setup and break down, your StarShade will bring you nothing but convenience. At a place like the lake or the park, not only does it bring your group a good dose of shade, but it also provides a good landmark of where you are hanging out for the day. You can spot a Star Shade from quite a distance. In your backyard, it marks the spot of the party. When temps rise, people want to cool down. Help them out. Outdoor gatherings are the best part of summer, we hope a Star Shade is on your next guest list.

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Last Minute Memorial Day Marketing Ideas

Memorial Day 2017 is right around the corner. A lot of us see Memorial Day as the unofficial beginning of summer and a great reason to have a BBQ & enjoy time with family & friends. Of course, the foundation to Memorial Day goes much deeper than BBQs and beach time. The true meaning of this holiday is to remember those who have passed away fighting for our freedom. For small businesses, Memorial Day is a great time to do some extra marketing and give your customers a reason to choose your business over the competition. If you are in a pinch for some fun marketing ideas for this weekend, here are a few easy ones you can try out!

Offer free stuff or special discounts to military members (or veterans). Memorial Day is the perfect day to show extra respect for those who are in our military service or those who have been in the past. It’s a day where they should be the ones getting the spotlight & attention. Offering a special discount is something that won’t take too much time or effort on your end. You could do 15% off their purchase or give away free products or meals if they show their military ID card.

Be present at Memorial Day events around town. Perhaps your community is having a Memorial Day parade that your business could have a float in or sponsor a float. Maybe your community hosts some type of community picnic. Either way, it’s a great chance to showcase your business and show that you support both the military & your community. Get people to remember you.

Go red, white, & blue! If your business is open this weekend, don’t spare on the décor. Make your theme red, white & blue for the long weekend. Have fun with this, add balloons, flags, serve free cookies, and include contests on social media. You can even change up your logo to match the theme for the day. And of course, your employees should wear their most patriotic attire!

This weekend will be full of fun to kick off summer 2017! Many of us will spend the weekend outside. It’s a great chance to set your KD Kanopy up and get your business in front of people! How does your business plan to market this weekend? Share with us in the comments below.

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Why you should do an FAQ (and a peek at some of ours!)

Just about every website we visit, especially those aimed at a business, have an FAQ section, but are they necessary? Yes, and here’s why.

Obviously, they address frequently asked questions about your services, but there are several other functions of this section on a website, check them out below!

EARN TRUST. Show off your expertise on your product, explain how your business works & what your business model looks like.

 RELIEVE THE BURDEN on your customer support team by answering people’s questions out in the open.

 MAKE IT EASIER for people to navigate through your website.


 GET RID of anxieties customers may have that your product page doesn’t address directly.

 MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY by answering their questions in a creative & fun way.

 An FAQ section done right is full of advantages (for you & your customers). It may take extra time to create but that really is the only drawback. Here’s a small look at part of our FAQ page, you can go here to see the rest of them!


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Our May Memorial Day Mega Sale!

At the end of the month we all get to celebrate and remember all of the people who have served in our country’s armed forces. When we stop and think about it, it’s a really important day. These people are brave, devoted & a lot of them risk their lives to keep our freedom secure. Businesses all over the country have sales and promotions to show their appreciation and support of these extra special people. We are on the list of businesses who do just that. Our special is running until May 19th and is a mega sale! Be sure to take advantage and get 40% off digital printed Starshades or 30% screen printed Starshades.

You might be wondering, what’s better, digital or screen printing? Neither is our answer. They are hard to compare as either of them will give you the end result you are looking for. If you are considering having printing done on your next custom kanopy, these tips will help you determine which method will work best for you.

  • Less is more. Is your company logo simple? Are you looking for something with just two or three colors? Then screen printing could be the way to go and prove to be more cost-effective.
  • Crisp, full color graphics. Are you an artist? Or is your brand bold? Digital printing uses “inkjet type” printers capable of printing complex designs, photographs and colors on your entire canopy top. If you want to show off your work or stand out in a crowd, digital printing might be the best route to take.

  • Know your budget. One important determining factor in digital versus screen printing is budget. In general, digital printing is more costly than screen printing. Because one of the main costs associated with screen printing are the screens themselves, by reducing colors or cross-purposing screens, we can help lower the cost of your screen printing project.

No matter which method you decide on, you are sure to get a high-quality custom kanopy from KD. When it comes down to it, the “right one” depends on the style of kanopy and the customer. Visit our website to determine which custom kanopy fits your needs the best!


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Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Many of us will be celebrating a well-deserved mom come May 14th which means just about everybody will be spending money. Of course, places like flower shops, spas, restaurants & salons are the types of places that may pop into your mind first. But, with some strategy & a little creativity, businesses in any industry can you this holiday to create a jump in their sales. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

 Create an event. Make it easy for kids to walk through your store to pick out items that their moms will love. Of course, offer them a discount or have a low-priced area just for the kids to shop. Most likely, this strategy will bring in a spouse or someone else that may be looking for a gift.

Giveaways. Who doesn’t love a good free gift? People will flock to your shop at the chance for a free gift or offer. Increase your sales on Mother’s Day by giving every mom who visits your store that day a special something. Use social media to let people know when & where they need to be. Use this strategy as a way to get people into your shop & then strengthen the relationship you have with your them.

Use nostalgia. Evoking memories goes a long way. Everybody loves to look back on old photos, so why not use them to drive consumer engagement? You can create a “specific mom” hashtag to use on Twitter or have consumers upload funny old family photos & vote who has the best one. These strategies will help make that emotional impact.

What are other fun & exciting strategies you have seen to make mom melt? We want to hear about them! (Comment below) No matter what marketing strategy you decide to use this year, make sure it’s special & enjoy your Mother’s Day.

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Are You Ready for Farmers Market Season?

It’s time to replace those cozy & cold winter mornings spent inside with a morning spent frolicking around your neighborhood farmers market. There is nothing better than jumpstarting your weekend shopping for local produce and other goodies. The spring & summer months are the perfect time for local farmers & vendors to showcase their goods. When you walk around a farmers market you will most likely see a variety of kanopies. There are many benefits to having one for a farmers market, check them out below.

-They will help you promote your business/brand. Of course, local farmers are anxious to sell their extra produce but farmers markets today have become even more than just this. Many local farmers & vendors you see at your neighborhood farmers market may own their own store or they may even be part of a co-op. This means there’s a good chance of a name, a logo, and a website behind them to promote. You can choose to stand out from the crowd with a digitally printed kanopy so people remember your brand.

-They will help you stay out of the elements. Spring & summer weather is usually unpredictable. You will experience extreme heat, thunderstorms, clouds & sun, and maybe all in the same day. A kanopy provides great shelter when you & your products need it the most.

-They will give you a perfect place to wait. Depending on how much the crowd enjoys your product, you may have people waiting a few extra minutes to make their purchase. Farmers markets are also a great place to mingle with your neighbors or do a little extra networking. A kanopy will provide your patrons an inviting and comfortable place to do so.

As far as direct marketing goes, farmers markets go way back. They are a great way to enjoy the season while supporting your local family farmers. Go here to find your nearest farmers market and remember to consider KD Kanopy  if you want to get your brand in front of the public!

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Blogs to Follow if You Have a Small Business

Our company is happy to help you get your business in front of consumers. We lead the kanopy industry with unique products & designs that will last over time so that you leave a lasting impression. When you have a small business, getting the most bang for your buck is important, especially when it comes to marketing. Besides our exciting marketing products we also find a lot of inspiration in blogs. Here are a few of our favorites that we think you will like too.

Quicksprout  was founded by Neil Patel who is a successful businessman, writer, marketing guru, entrepreneur & bestselling author. He has helped both small and large companies build & expand their revenue. Amazon, NBC, GM & HP have all benefited from Patel’s entrepreneur influences. Beyond working with these Fortune 500 companies, he has also been highly recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine & President Obama. Be sure to check out his blog if you do any type of online marketing, which you should!

Marketing online is becoming more & more essential. If you know anything about this field the word content always stands out. Story Needle  is a fun blog that incorporates both content strategies & story telling. Michael Andrews, the creator of this blog, is a highly sought after international author. His ideas have helped companies & organizations design content systems that improve the user experience. He is all about integrating research with interactive design.

Are you looking to attract customers, convert leads & close deals? Hubspot is the place to go. This blog will teach you all about why people are no longer using old school marketing techniques. According to Hubspot, you don’t want to interrupt buyers, you want to attract them.  The creators, who met as graduate students at MIT, noticed this marketing epidemic & realized that it was “time to build an inbound community & help people achieve their business goals in a more personable, empathetic way.” Their work is fantastic, be sure to check it out!





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