Our OptiDome  pop-up canopy is one of our most unique designs. Add elegance & class to your next location with the tent that boasts arches and curves. This tent is designed to stand freely and is ideal for your outdoor events or festivals.

Why look the same if you could look like this?

This tent is sure to set your company or team apart from the rest of the tents. Of course, like our other pop-up canopies, choose to have your canopy top covered in digital printing or opt for a single color. The OptiDome is sure to help you make a lasting impression on the people who attend your next event.

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Tips For Your Next Convention

For the earlier part of this week, we were at the The National Beer Wholesalers Association’s Annual Convention in Las Vegas. Conventions like this one are always a great way to bring in new business and connect with past clients. Now that we’re back from the hustle & bustle, we wanted to share 5 tips that we find helpful for each convention and think you will too. Preparing in advance will help you be more productive, things will tend to go more smoothly and efficiently. Make all of your time worth it!

#1: Get a good map of the show floor.

Most likely, the trade show you are attending will offer a map ahead of time. Get one. Check out where each of your desirable vendors will be and plan the most efficient route for your time at the tradeshow.

#2: Make a schedule.              

It’s important. Before you make a schedule, be sure that all of your appointments [if needed] are set. Then, make yourself a schedule including each vendor on your efficient route. Always give yourself more time than you think. Extra time will come in handy if you run into someone or have conversations with vendors that run over. In your schedule, try to leave time at the end of the tradeshow/convention to perhaps grab dinner or drinks with fellow attendees…this is a great way to network! You might also use this time to do some homework after the show [comparing notes, reviewing each vendor you saw and getting ideas together for possible orders so that you can be sure to take advantage of those great tradeshow/convention specials].

#3: Set appointments ahead of time.

Depending on the vendor, you may need to set up an appointment. Make sure you do your research to find out if you do.  The earlier you do this, the better. That way, you know you won’t miss them and you can get a preferred time. It’s best to get the first or the last appointment of the day so that you can plan the rest of your time out. If you have to make more than 1 appointment, make sure to leave some time in between incase there is any run over.

#4: Create a checklist.

Plan ahead. With a checklist, you will have all of your must-see vendors and must-do events during the tradeshow/convention. This way you won’t miss out. Keep your checklist close by and refer to it periodically throughout the day to make sure you are keeping up. The night before the last day, review your checklist. You may feel the need to re-prioritize your day.

#5: Be prepared

Good things to pack for the tradeshow or convention might be: extra comfy clothes and shoes, an extra bag to carry products/catalogs/merchandise in, your own branded gear, business cards, a name badge, a budget and of course, pack a smile!



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Tips for the GABF!

Breweries & beer lovers alike join together this weekend for the biggest beer festival and competition in the U.S, The Great American Beer Festival. Just like the craft beer industry, this yearly event has grown tremendously. Back in 1982, when the festival was held at the Harvest House Hotel in Boulder, there were 24 breweries present and over 800 attendees. Last year, 2016, saw 780 breweries & over 60,000 attendees. This year is set to be record-setting. If you were lucky enough to get one of these hot tickets, make sure you are prepared to make the best of the weekend. Here a few things you need to know about.

 The Backyard

Don’t miss the “festival within the festival” that is the Backyard.  Here’s why you don’t want to miss it!

-Yard games. You can play Twister, corn hole or ping pong.

-The Heavy Medal Booth. You can try over 50 award-winning brews.

-The Karaoke Stage. You can sing our hear out while all of your friends cheer you on.

-DJ Brian. You can dance to whatever he may be spinnin.

-Live Music. What is a beer festival with out it?

It’s a Week Full of Fun

Of course, the GABF is the spotlight event in Denver this weekend but here are some other events going on you will want to plan for.

-Small Batch Thursday at Goed Zuur. You can sample from a variety of breweries and even a winery who make their product on a much smaller scale. This event is open to the public and will be held at Goed Zuur, located in the heart of Downtown Denver.

-Beer Trivia at Peak to Peak. You can show off your beer knowledge while you have the chance to win free beer. It’s open to the public and lasts from 7-9pm at Peak to Peak Tap & Brew in Aurora.

-The list of events goes on and on. Really, check it out here.

Helpful Hints

-There’s a new entrance this year. Make sure you use it. Unlike past years, it’s the only way in. Here’s a map to make sure you find it.

-The entrance will be equipped with metal detectors. Please be safe and smart. Don’t even think about bringing the following items.

-Will call is located in the lower lobby of the Colorado Convention Center.

-There are NO lockers and NO coat checks. Make sure you plan ahead.

-There will be an ATM available next to the Will Call booth in the lower lobby.

-Wheelchairs are welcome. If you head to the elevator in the lower lobby there will be volunteers to direct you.

-Get the app! Of course, it’s free & it will act as your tour guide all weekend. Download it here for your iPhone or Android.

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Our Spinning Darts are ready to help you take your marketing to the next level. It’s easy to do the same type of marketing with the same materials, over & over again. Let us help you get out of that rut, it’s what we do best. Our custom canopies, banners & other marketing tools will give you a boost of confidence at your next networking event. Today, we are featuring our Spinning Dart. It is one of the most unique ways that you can stand out from the crowd!

The Spinning Darts will make your brand come to life, literally. With 3 sides of high-impact, sublimated digital printing on top-quality polyester fabric, this unique banner imitates the look of an in-flight spinning dart. Not only does the Spinning Dart look good, but it’s a high-quality product that won’t let you down. They stand 8 feet tall and come complete with a high-strength, lightweight aluminum pole frame.

Spinning Dart Banner Specifications:


-8’ high

Shipping Weights & Sizes

-Material & Hardware: 5 lbs.

-Shipping Box Size: 36”x6”x36”

Items Included in Package

-Printed Polyester Banner

-Aluminum Pole & Fiberglass Tension Rods

-Carry Bag

*hard-surface stand & ground stakes sold separately

*All measurements are approximate


Spinning Dart Banner Features:


-heavy duty aluminum/fiberglass pole system

-minimal assembly

-set up in 30 seconds

-for indoor or outdoor use

-free heavy duty carry bag

-3 year warrant


-full coverage digital printing

-3 sides can have the same or different images

-polyester is strong & lightweight

-water resistant, fire retardant to CPA-84 & NFPA 701, and UV protected

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Today is the last full day of summer. With fall officially starting tomorrow, it’s time to take advantage of an incredible special we are running until November 30th. With this special, you will get a custom printed Party Shade with your choice of a free 6’table cover or an 11’ single sided banner to match!

This deal is guaranteed to make your branding vision a reality. Add your logo or your brand name to the canopy top and watch it come alive as you set it up! This one-piece canopy sets up in a matter of minutes. It is truly the perfect solution for consumers or businesses. You get to choose the size of your canopy, the colors & the graphics. We offer the Party Shade in 3 different sizes. Choose from 10’x10’, 8’x8’ or 5’x5’. Each size has its advantages, you can’t go wrong! It all depends on how you want to brand your business or team.

Add to your display by choosing between a free 6 table cover or a free 11’ single sided banner.  Our table covers are an easy way to set up your products in an attractive way. Ditch the beat-up folding table and opt for a custom KD table cover. Like the Party Shade, you can choose from up to 17 color options or have your custom printed with our logo or chosen graphics.

If your business doesn’t use a table much, you can opt to choose the free single sided banner with this special. These free-standing banners stand 11’ tall and are sure to catch your customers’ attention. We can digitally print your logo to the banner to make your display stand out even more. They are the perfect branding tool to set out in front of your store, auto dealership, restaurant, bar or even at special events. With minimal assembly, these banners can be set up within 30 seconds and can be used both indoors and out.



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With beer festivals continuing through the fall and of course, The Great American Beer Festival coming up the first weekend of October (which is sold out again), we wanted to check out what our beer brewing clients have in store for the next little while.

Dry Dock Brewing can be found just east of Denver in Aurora, Colorado. Back in 2005, they were Aurora’s first microbrewery. Ever since they have established themselves by expanding & becoming a local gathering place. Come hang out in their tasting room, sit among their 180 seats and grab an award winning beer. To add to the fun, their events list is never ending. Stop by on September 23rd for the 6th annual Dante’s Wingferno Challenge. This year, they’re raising money for hurricane relief. Stop by & join them for this “hot-as-heck wing eating contest”.

Oskar Blues Brewery, who started their brewing adventure in Lyons, Colorado & now has locations in North Carolina & Austin, TX, is always ready for a good time. They were the first microbrewery to start putting craft beer in cans with their famous Dave’s Pale Ale and ever since they’ve made a name for themselves. Now through the rest of the month, check out their show stoppin music line up at the Tasty Weasel in Longmont, Colorado. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday you can get a tasty brew & sit back for some free live tunes.

Coors Brewing Company may not be considered a microbrewery, but none-the-less, it’s a must visit brewery when you are in the Golden, Colorado area (just a quick 20-minute drive west of Denver). With a long history dating back to 1868, Coors has become a legend in the beer industry. For both locals & visitors alike, it’s the perfect place to stop after enjoying an autumn hike. Tours are free 10am-4pm Thursday-Mondays and trust us, you will want to stop and check out the “largest single-site brewery in the world”.

Beer lovers know it’s true, it’s always beer season if you know where to go. Microbreweries have been popping up across the country for a while now & in our home state of Colorado, they create their own culture. In fact, according to Colorado’s NBC affiliate, “Colorado is now home to 348 breweries, the 2nd most in the nation.” Cheers to that. Enjoy all of the above beer and always remember,  please be responsible!

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Football season is back! We have some extra love for our hometown team, the Denver Broncos, who brought us a Super Bowl win a couple of seasons ago. Plus, we are proud to be a part of their marketing team. It always feels good & refreshing when the air cools down a bit & your favorite team takes the field. Football season brings a culture of its own to a lot of cities. Make sure your small business has another great season too with these game changing tips. Football season is a great excuse to amp up your marketing and here are 3 ways to do it this fall.

Create an Event on Facebook

Facebook is used by nearly 2 billion people now. Wow, that’s a lot of people! According to Business Insider, 175 million of those people log in to wildly popular social networking site every day. If your business has a Facebook page, you’re on the right track. During football season, attract people to your restaurant, bar, etc. by hosting some fun-themed nights. Football trivia, Fantasy-Football draft parties, game-watch parties or tailgating events are a few ideas to bring people in. Create an event on your Facebook page & hopefully a few of those 175 million people will partake.

Establish a Football Theme

For a lot of businesses, this may be tricky. But if you keep it simple the rewards could go a long way, Hail Mary long. People will be talking football for the next few months, you mine as well have some fun with it & embrace the theme. Perhaps you offer a discount for anyone who comes in wearing your local football team gear or create a sale based on the final score of the weekly game. Of course, this can work from high school football all the way to NFL football. Check out some fun promotions you can run with this season.

Work with the non-football fans

Not every single person who brings business your way is going to be a football fan. This is a great time to connect with them. Maybe if the majority of your customers want nothing to do with football or those football promotions you can plan something entirely different. Consider putting on some type of kid-friendly event, host a craft night or run discounts that have nothing to do with football.



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We can hear the school bells ringin’ from here! Just about everybody has started back up for another great school year & if they haven’t, they will soon. Having a high-quality canopy is a must for your school, sorority or fraternity this year. We are happy to educate you on the value you get from one of our industry-leading canopies! Don’t you want to put your best face forward when representing your school? We don’t blame you! Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your marketing tools.

The sun & heat will be factors here for a little while before we see the cooler temps.  This means you need to provide some shade and protection from the elements at all those events & activities taking place in high school & college. No matter what part of the world you’re in, you can get a custom branded pop up canopy for your school or university to use. Looking to transport and worried about set-up? No problem. Our products are made using the sturdiest of materials so that they withstand all of that.

Just think of the ways your business or company may be involved this fall. Perhaps your radio station is doing some remote broadcasting or your school team is promoting an upcoming game, maybe your student government is welcoming students to campus or you could be part of a sorority/fraternity looking for pledges. No matter your need or your budget, KD Kanopy has you covered! Stop by our canopy builder to see how you can create your very own custom canopy. The options are nearly endless!

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Hearing about a happy client is music to our ears, or in this case, nut butter to our ears. Today, we wanted to give a shout out to one of our clients who believe in good food. We love good food, especially when it involves the ‘not quite smooth, not quite crunchy texture’ of the stone ground, crafted goodness of PB Love Co.’s nut butters.

“You guys did a great job for us! Thanks.”-@PBLoveCo

PB Love Co., Denver’s own, has now joined the KD Kanopy family with this beautiful pop-up that they can utilize at local markets & networking events. With their logo printed boldly on the top, as well as the top sides, they are easy to spot in a sea of canopies. It makes for the perfect place to pull over during the farmers market, enjoy some shade & learn about their craft.

 These guys are all about giving you, their consumer, a 100% real-food product. They “want to feed people real, delicious food and make them happy!” With a simple and honest purpose, it is no wonder their product doesn’t stay under that canopy for long. They are serious about the quality of food that goes into each product, real food that is. The combination of high-protein nuts, organic virgin coconut oil, Colorado honey, organic coconut sugar and other spices create the perfect nutrient dense snack. Our mouths are watering just thinking about this good-for-you & delicious product!

 The story about how this company came to be is worth a read. Check it out here. These guys are made of hard work & know how to take their brand & make it a true consumer favorite. Now that they have a KD original, their ability to put their brand in front of others, just got a lot easier.

Speaking of easy, it’s time to go get you some of this yummy stuff. If you’re in the Denver area, lucky you. PB Love Co. has been at several farmers markets & other events this summer & it looks like they will continue to be into the fall. Which ones are they at? Click here to find out!

If you don’t live in the Denver area, too bad. But, luckily for you, you can shop their website for this incredible product. Purchase their salty peanut, cinnamon almond, classic creamy, classic crunchy, smooth almond, or a combination of the above with just a click.

 We at KD Kanopy are really excited to have this local business as a client & are excited to watch their brand expand. Now, make yourself happy & go get some delicious PB Love Co. !


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We Extended the Special!

For the last 30 years, we have been leading this industry with unique designs and the highest quality product around. After inventing the scissor-action pop-up canopy, we have expanded our lineup of unique canopy designs. The XTF canopy is one of the best in the country & until the end of the summer, we are extending this special. You can get your own 10’10’ XTF frame with a printed top (screen or digital) for only $799! Upgrade to receive 2 rail curtains with a side panel for only $400!

Here’s a quick review of why our XTF stands out amongst the best.

-It boasts a sturdy frame. The heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame is one of the toughest on the market-33% stronger than other aluminum frames.

-It’s rugged but doesn’t look it. With industrial strength hex-shaped legs, a 300 pound man can hang from the scissor bars, no problem.

-Refinement is its middle name. Binding, associated with the metal-on-metal contact of competitors’ frames, is non-existent with the XTF. Each frame is equipped with nylon-resin composite fittings. This is sure to give you a smooth-gliding, support system that behaves every time you use it.

-Adjustment is made easy. Don’t waste precious time during the set up process. Simply use the pull-ring snap locks for set-up & to make adjustments to the height.

-It looks good, so you feel good. Our XTFs are part beauty part beast. On top of being sturdy & giving you the support you need, we are ready to make your image part of the deal too. Choose to have your logo screen or digitally printed with edge-to-edge color capabilities. Make a bold statement by picking one of 17 bold color options for the background.

-The warranty is top notch. Our team of canopy magicians do all of the printing & sewing in-house, giving you the best possible quality & providing you with a 1 year warranty on your canopy top.

Hurry over to our website to get the strongest pop-up frame we have ever offered combined with the ultimate in graphic tops! The XTF 100 is a rough, tough canopy without the knockout price tag.


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