They’re strong. They’re good looking. They’re rugged. And you can get one for only $699 now through February 21, 2018. That’s nearly half off their original value of $1400. Our XTF style canopies are part beauty, part beast, it’s no wonder they are one of our top sellers.

 The frames on an XTF are made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum. Did we mention that they are really strong? In fact, they’re 33% stronger than other aluminum frames on the market. The industrial-strength hex-shaped legs that contribute to this frame are so rugged that a 300-pound man could easily hang from the scissor bars.

 The toughness of this canopy cannot be beat, really. It is sure to stand the test of time. Whether you use it to show off your product, your company or your team spirit, the XTF  will do a solid job.

 Beyond being one of the toughest canopies on the market, this unique designs has an element of refinement too. The nylon-resin composite fittings eliminate the binding associated with the metal-on-metal contact of competitor’s frames, giving you a smooth-gliding, well-mannered support system.

 Our President’s Day Special not only includes the canopy frame but comes with unlimited printing as well as a wheel bag & spikes. Customize your canopy with logos & graphics of your choice. You will easily be noticed in a sea of pop-up canopies at your next event. This deal is good, take advantage before time runs out!

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Now is your chance to win a Free 10×10 Custom Printed Canopy & it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Are you one of the billion people who are active on Facebook? Chances are, you are.

Here’s what you need to do in order to win big from KD Kanopy:

1.    Like us on Facebook

2.    Post a picture of you awesome KD Kanopy, booth or banner.

3.     Tag KD Kanopy in your post.


 The top 3 winners are going to score some great KD prizes:

1st place gets a 10×10 Party Shade with digital print

2nd place gets an 11’ Banner with ground stake

3rd place gets a 6’ Table Cover

 But don’t worry, if we don’t pick you to win, you’re still a winner because we are g­­­­­­­iving away 30% off any order placed in February just for liking us on Facebook. What a deal!

 This deal won’t last forever so head over to Facebook right now. You have until February 28, 2018 to enter our contest. Good luck!

 Questions about our products or just want to check them out? Stop by our website!

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Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

January is out, February is in. It’s time to put up marketing displays to get everyone’s heart pumping & replace those winter displays. 2 weeks from today is Valentine’s Day, a multi-billion dollar holiday that over 60% of adults participate in.  Increase your sales on February 14th with one of these fun ideas.

 Send a lovely promotion via text

Just about everybody has a cell phone these days & it’s highly likely that their cell phone is within reach at any given time during the day. Skip the email promotion this year & send a promotional text to your customers. You can offer a specific discount (maybe 20% off one of your products) or consider offering a 2-for-1 deal (offer 2 meals for the price of 1). Of course, be sure to mention Valentine’s Days in the text & use “romantic words” like “love”, “sweet”, “heart”, or “special someone”.

 Spread the love through social media

This time of year is the best to share love stories & this is a great way to engage customers on your social media accounts. Everybody loves a good love story but you can go one more step by creating a contest for the best one. Have your social media audience vote on their favorite & award the winner with an extra special prize that showcases your business. Our favorite campaign, “Love in the Air” was run by United Airlines. They gave away 2 roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the U.S. for customers who shared the best story of falling in love while traveling. Check out a few other ways companies have used love in their campaigns.

 Include the singles, too!

 Valentine’s Day isn’t for everybody  & those who are single are probably pretty tired of the love that’s all around them. Have some fun by incorporating them into your marketing strategies. Instead of sharing a love story on social media, perhaps you could have singles share their worst break up story. Or if you have a restaurant or food business, you can run a discount for carry-out or delivery so that singles can enjoy a little attention but can eat at home to avoid the romantic setting of a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Are you planning on running any special promotions or discount on Valentine’s Day this year? We want to hear your ideas! Share them with us & other reads in the comment section below.

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For over 30 years, our company has led this industry with new products & designs. Our innovation of portable tents, canopies, & signage cannot be matched.

 It all started when we invented the scissor-action, pop-up canopy. This single event put us on the map in the industry & since then, we have continued to lead the field with new products & designs.

 There is no better way to show off your brand. Our unique & revolutionary designs are sure to help you stand out in a crowd. You need a tent that will last & give you a good return on your investment. KD has you covered.

 In fact, we have you covered with a variety of different options & when you purchase a product from us, you get it all-quality, ingenuity & longevity.

 Our interactive tent designer is the perfect tool to use for you to get an idea of the options & possibilities with KD Kanopy.

 Experiment with this fun application by choosing from various models & styles, bold fabric colors & our different printing options. Let us take your vision & make it a reality. From subtle to extraordinary, we can do it all! Change colors, add accessories, logos, or full-color digital printing. Once you’re ready to talk about your brand ideas, you can call   1-800-432-4435 to speak to one of our representatives.

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Winter is all around us. The temperatures say so, our clothing says so, and the flu says so. What about your marketing? Make sure it is a ray of sunshine on these cold & cloudy days. Even though the temperatures have been cooler, we are hoping they don’t have you running inside. Follow our tips to make sure you are ready to show off your brand or business while braving the conditions. These products are sure to tolerate the wind, snow, and cold temps, all while looking good & getting your company in front of people.


Our banners are a great option, regardless of the weather. Both the Teardrop and the Bow Banner are ideal for outdoor events (they work great indoors too) and are ready to use in a matter of seconds. Don’t let a snowy and cold ground scare you away from using these banners. Both come with ground stakes and a stand made especially for hard surfaces. Plus, the EverTex fabric used to create your banner is strong and lightweight. The wind doesn’t stand a chance. The colors you choose for the full-coverage digital printing are sure to jump out and catch people’s eye on a cloudy, snowy day.

  Majestic Pop-Up Canopies

Our pop-up canopies are made with commercial-grade aluminum frames, built to withstand all of the winter possibilities, even rust. And trust us, it’s hard to miss a Majestic in a crowd. The durability, versatility and its excellent visual appeal make the Majestic one of our top-selling canopies. The frame is strong enough to withstand the winter conditions and the top of these canopies do the same thing. They are not only meant to catch the eye of passing consumers with multiple color and printing options, but let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The water-resistant polyester is ready to live up to its name. If the Majestic style doesn’t fit your needs, our other canopy options are sure to be winter loving, crowd pleasers too.

 Marketing outdoors may be easier in the warmer months but where’s the fun in that? With the right products, you don’t have to worry about the possible challenges winter may bring. We at KD Kanopy are happy to help you get equipped with the right branding tools so that you can have a warm and inviting setup, even if the conditions have something else in mind.


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Your custom canopy is an investment. We create each one to stand the test of time so that your business sees many years of continued use. But, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your canopy, please make sure you follow these simple rules of care and maintenance.

If your canopy becomes damaged for whatever reason, keep it! We are able to sell replacement parts for every component of the frame. So, if the day comes where you think it’s damaged beyond repair, don’t stress. It is more than likely that you can get it back up & running with the correct replacement parts & a 3/16” Allen wrench.

If you need a replacement part for your product, find the specific product on our website & click the gray ‘Replacement Parts’ tab. Click here to see the replacement parts for our Party Shade.

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3 Big Resolution Ideas for Your Small Business

Happy New Year! Wow. 2018 is officially underway (we can’t believe it either). With the holidays officially in the past, we are looking ahead at a bright and successful year with our current & future clients. We are hoping, although hard to get back into the swing of things, that you are feeling motivated during this first week of the new year. Of course, with the new year, a lot of us are feeling the need/want to improve in different areas of our lives. Make sure you are including your small business on your resolution list for 2018. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Your business is full of fresh & exciting content. Put it in front of your consumers.  Surely, your business already has a website. And if not, start there. If you already have a website, adding a blog to it is an easy feat. Our friends over at Blog Starter can get help you create one in 20 minutes! Blogs are a great way to provide new information to your clients while promoting your social media marketing. It’s important to update your blog often & make it easy to find and read. Happy writing!


You spend a lot of your time & energy completing day-to-day tasks for your business. With the technology-filled world we live in today, there is no better time to find an easier way to accomplish some of these tasks. Think about how much time you could save by streamlining your communication with past, present & future clients, your social media postings or your sales. Th benefits of freeing up your time can be life-changing and the options to help you automate is never-ending. Here are some tips provided by our friends at Entrepreneur.


Running a small business is a lot of work. It’s a big commitment. Most likely, you put your business ahead of a lot of things. It makes sense to do this, it’s your livelihood. But don’t forget how important it is to take time for yourself. Take a vacation. We are not telling you to head out on a month long African safari (but if you have the time & the funds, you should absolutely do this!) Even by taking a long weekend & unplugging from emails & social media to focus on your self will leave you feeling motivated & refreshed. There are several health benefits to taking a vacation so it’s a win-win for you and your business.

2018 will be a successful year for both you & your business. Keep this mindset all year long & you won’t go wrong. And of course, contact us to help you put your brand in front of the crowds!




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It’s the last Thursday of 2017 (gasp!). We want to end the year off right by spreading some cheer through some happy words from one of our clients. We have enjoyed another year of helping you put your business in front of others & we are looking forward to the year ahead.

“We LOVE our new tents, they look so great! Here’s an image from our summer beer/bluegrass fest!”-Bon Air

Are you one of those people who continue your shopping right after Christmas? There are often deals & discounts for post-holiday shoppers and you may even have a return or 2 to make.  Bon Air, located in Greenbrae, California is ready to keep you shopping & dining all while enjoying the ambiance.

Beyond shopping & dining, Bon Air has multiple outdoor spaces that have been bringing their local community together to sit back, relax & enjoy an array of special events for the last 65 years. The cherry on top? Spectacular views of Mt. Tam! Their 10’x15’ XTF pop-up canopy creates the perfect area for gathering and will continue to do so for years to come. Our XTF  canopy design is the strongest frame we have ever offered and offers the ultimate in graphic tops.

Next time you are in the Greenbrae area, be sure to make some time to stop at one of the 50 specialty merchants or one of the family-friendly restaurants located at this welcoming setting.

Thank you for choosing us to put your brand in front of others. We know 2018 will bring you all great things. Happy New Year!

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What could help spread that festive vibe more than snow flying in the air on December 21st? We know. Holiday marketing campaigns. This time of year, marketing really takes off. Since Halloween ended nearly 2 months ago, companies have been preparing to wow the masses with ads that spread holiday cheer. Last year, we shared a few of our favorite holiday campaigns & we are back at it this year. They are sure to inspire you or just help you enjoy getting in the mood of the season!

Starbucks & their holiday cups are one of those unmistakable signs that the holiday season is upon us. Since 1997, Starbucks has donned its customers with this festive marketing campaign. It’s the perfect cup to go along with their tasty holiday beverages. This year, their holiday cups returned with a new look, their first ever color-in holiday cup “intentionally designed to encourage customers to add their own color and illustrations”. Couple these festive & creative cups with the “Give Good” theme, written on this season’s cup sleeve, and you have yourself a jolly way to spread holiday cheer.

Coca-Cola will always be one of those companies who gets into the holiday spirit through their contagious and nostalgic marketing campaign. Santa has been at the forefront of their holiday campaign since 1931.  He has been seen drinking bottles of the famous Coca-Cola in his festive holiday outfit, sitting in front of a Christmas tree with popular toys, and listening to children’s Christmas wishes. This image of Santa, red suit and all, connects with us every year. Even though Coca-Cola fully denies the claim that Santa wears a red suit because Coca-Cola’s brand is red, it has certainly helped their holiday marketing campaign. We don’t know about you, but when we see Santa drinking an iced cold Coca-Cola, we know Christmas will be here soon.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company helps makes the holiday season more festive with their collection of premium chocolates. Their scrumptious chocolate squares are the spotlight for their holiday marketing efforts. Enjoy plenty of gift ideas, recipes, coupons and crafts from their website. And of course, make sure you save room on your shopping list, or on your dessert plate for their seasonal peppermint bark.

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A Quick Way to Add Pizzazz to Your Canopy

 Our line-up of unique canopy designs will help you stand out in the crowd, no doubt. Each of our canopies comes with a sturdy, top-of-the-line canopy frame and your choice of top. When choosing the look you want for your business or team, our choices are sure to fit your needs.

Our Chalet Top  is a quick & easy way to put a new face on your pop-up frame. This canopy accessory is compatible with any of our 10’x10’ pop-up frames. A one-piece fabric skin, it goes on easy and the look is dramatic. The fabric covers the entire length of the legs. And just like our other canopy tops, choose from a wide selection of bright colors or have it digitally printed with the graphics of your choice. Having the fabric extend down the canopy frame legs means you have more space for graphics, whether it’s your business’ logo or your team name. Of course, the fabric we use for the Chalet Tops is of the same quality as our entire selection of canopy tops.

This strong, lightweight, water-resistant, fire-retardant, and UV-protected top is an exciting way to dress up your canopy. Visit our website to do your holiday shopping today!



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