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Majestic Pop-Up Canopies

Unlimited graphic possibilities with a lifetime-warranty commercial-grade aluminum frame

As the inventor of the pop-up canopy, KD Kanopy has been supplying the market with the highest quality canopy designs for more than 30 years. 16-gauge anodized aluminum is used to construct every one of these commercial-grade canopies. Unlike similar steel-framed units, our Majestic canopy frames will not rust over time. Covered by a lifetime warranty, this model is 40% stronger and 25% lighter than the original steel-frame canopies.

Zero Assembly means that when your KD Kanopy arrives, it can be set up immediately—without piecing together loose parts or ropes. In fact, our "Up-in-30-seconds®" Majestic canopies can easily be set up by two people in just a minute or two.

Compare all the features of our portable canopy models in our useful pop-up comparison table.