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Excludes weekends and holidays.
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Our Canopies, Tents, Banners and Signage are perfect for:

• Concerts
• Special Events
• Radio Remotes
• Equipment Protection
• On-site editing and production
• News Coverage
• Media base of operations

What makes our portable canopies different?

• Durable, heavy-duty frames
• 5-year or Lifetime warranty on frames
• Special fittings that guarantee no binding
• Fire-retardant, uv-protected and water-resistant
• The best customer service in the industry

We invented the original
pop-up canopy and we still make the best!

Radio, News, TV, and Media

Visually broadcast your logo, call letters, or message with KD Kanopy’s superior products.

We have worked with many of the top radio stations and media outlets across the globe and are known for building one of the most durable and easy-to-use canopies on the market! Realizing that communication groups use our pop-up canopies almost every weekend and sometimes at multiple locations within a day, our canopies are designed to be be durable and quick and easy to set up. Since we are the manufacturer and printer, we can easily replace the top and accessories if your logo or format changes. Not only do our canopies provide shade and protection from the elements, but they also put your station in front of the public with full-coverage digital printing or vacuum-heat-sealed screen printing. Complement your canopy with an array of KD's digital signage: Spinning Darts, Teardrop, Bow, and Pop-Out Banners. Our new digital signage adds more impact to your remote. Stake our signs around the area or clamp them to your branded canopy to rise above the crowd.

Let KD Kanopy put your company out there in high-definition on portable tents and banners that garner attention and awareness.