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Our Canopies and Signage are perfect for:

• High School and College Teams
• Rec Leagues
• Tailgating
• Sport Camps
• Professional Sports Teams
• Sports Marketing

What makes our portable canopies different?

• Durable, heavy-duty frames
• 5-year or Lifetime warranty on frames
• Special fittings that guarantee no binding
• Fire-retardant, uv-protected and water-resistant
• The best customer service in the industry

We invented the original
pop-up canopy and we still make the best!

Sports and Athletics

Whether you’re the coach, a member of the team,  or just a fan, KD Kanopy can provide quick and easy shelter and show your team support.

There's no better way to support your favorite team, stay out of the sun, or provide a focal point for your club squad.
KD Kanopy tents do it all with a selection of different sizes and designs. We offer both screen printing and full-coverage digital printing on our canopies.

Tailgating and need a simple canopy? Marketing at the stadium or a special event? We have the right canopy for you. These are not fragile store-bought canopies. Everything we offer uses the highest quality materials for both durability and ease of use. We can help determine what style is best for your needs and assist with the graphics. Most of our pop-up canopies can be put up in less than a minute!

Our digitally printed signage comes in handy for smaller events, wayfinding, and as a complement to your canopy. See our selection here.

The next time you are heading out to the game, the playing field, the parking lot, or the campus commons, make sure that you have your portable KD Kanopy with you.

  • Portable Pop-Up Canopies

    KD Kanopy invented the
    original no-tools-needed
    pop-up canopy and ours
    is still the best. Our up-in-
    30-seconds commercial-
    grade canopies are perfect
    shelters for registration tables, tailgating, or selling fan clothing and gear. Enclose the sides of your canopy and your team can even change clothes inside. Durability and easy set-up is key when you're using a portable canopy over and over — and that's what sets KD Kanopy apart from the others. See our Canopies & Tents web page for more info.

  • Bigger Tents and Canopies

    Along with our quality pop-up
    canopies, we also offer tents
    that will accommodate
    larger groups. We
    have developed
    unique star-shaped tension canopies as an alternative to having to assemble poles and ropes. Simply set-up one or two center poles and six ground stakes and you are ready to go.

    Our KD Trio frame tents can be used if you want to set up a shelter and leave it up for an extended period without worrying about the weather. They make a great  place for your team and fans to gather before or after the game. Enclose your tent with side panels and a door so everyone can hang out even as the days and evenings grow cooler.

    See our Canopies & Tents web page for more info.

  • Signs for the Times

    Complementing our canopies and tents
    are our digitally printed banners and
    signage. KD’s eye-catching Spinning
    Dart, Tear Drop, and Bow Banners
    are great options for helping
    participants find registration areas,
    marking the course, adding excitement
    to start and finish lines, or simply
    drawing attention.

    See our Branding Tools web page
    for more info.